Something in the air tonight


Don’t you just hate it when your fully sleep and your mobile come alive and wake you, This morning it happen to me and I was reedy very sleepy as I had late night playing Blood and wine and dint get to sleep after 4am. So yes this morning my mum called to tell me she back in town with my step dad and their two sons. I don’t understand why she wants to visit me, but I figure she just wants to show off like she did once with one my teachers when she wore low cut blouse with cleavage busting out of tiny bra. I learn few weeks later that she had fuck him just to keep me longer and made me repeat a year. So you see its why not excited to see her it’s normally means something bad for me. She ready wakens me up not even asking me how I was.

My small legs looks so pale and with room being cold I got Goosebumps. I dig out my knee high socks turn on my electric heater and made myself a cup of green tea warming my fingers on mug while I slowly wakening up. I look up at clock saw it was 11ish am but tome felt like if it was like 5am. Sitting on chair in kitchenette area warming my legs by fire I decided I need get to dress for day. I find my red and white Polka Dot Bra and my ratty Harley Quinn t shirt I went into my find nice warm turtle neck black jumper and my put on pair black tights and red and blue tartan skirt. After about hour getting reedy I head out the door. I let you know what my wanted when I get back.

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