⚢ Sanctuary! [INVT ONLY]

Played by Lydia
2 years 2 weeks ago



***Lydia & Kim Go On a Date!***

It had been a Busy Day, All in All! I`d Diligently Held my Post at the Front Desk, Accompanied a [Nice] Guy to the Casino Floor, been part of a sting that ensnared a Yakuza Criminal, bent at the Knee for Lacy MGT & Inducted another New Lacy Gurl! ~Phew

She & I had formed a Bond, a sense of Companionship. It was clear we Fancied one another but I needed to give her sometime to adjust. She didn`t Resent me for Duping her but rather sought my Wisdom & Experience. Female Intuition was not an easy thing to impart but I hoped she would savour the Fragrance & imbue of herself! That & I hoped she have more than a little Nibble, of this T-Gurl Sensation! ~Giggle

I`d Lathered myself with the night Blooming Lotion I liked to use, that left me Jasmine Fresh, Showered, Cleansed, Toned & Moisturised. I slip into a Fresh Gaff but don with a matching [soft] Pink Bra & Knicker Set. Reapply my make-up. pull on My Fave Summers Dress & lastly poke my way into my Ballerina Flats! I could do Practical too! ~Smirk

I Arrive at the Designated Spot, by the Oldest Tree with the Huge Tire, Fashioned as a Swing. We would move on to the Japanese Themed Plot & sit apon the Veranda`s & admire the Carp in the Pool...

With the last Rays of the Afternoon Sun basking me in its failing warmth, I set down my Hamper & await Kims Arrival...