Lola-Ashley and Betsy! [INVT Only]



Some might see me as a lady of leisure, but I do have work to do. Well, some work. Mainly I have to ensure my accounts are up to date and safely out of the way of the government. Legally out of the way I might add. I obey all the laws of the land. Unless they obviously don't apply in this case obviously.

Anyway, I wander into the The Steel Horse with my trusty laptop - it's more secure than a phone. Sitting down with my back to a wall and with a view of the whole place I look around for Mechelle or Jacqueline or a waitress.

I can only see one at the moment, don't recognize her, so I wave her over. She looks happy and bubbly and is chatting to other customers. She acknowledges my wave so I set up my laptop and wait for her to finish and get over to me.