The war with in my mind.

See the that image up above? That's the image Alexis keep filling my mind with. Even now as I stand at the reception desk in what is probably the most dangerous place in the world to be for an X-Change addict like me to be in. She wants me to be caught. She want me be made into a cock hungry whore. She wants me to become her.

I sometimes ask myself why I fight it? Would it be so bad to just let go and lose myself in lust?

NO! NO GOD DAMN IT! I was tricked into taking that pill. If it were not for that night Alexis would not exist! I'm a MAN and I'm staying that way!

Hee hee. That's what he thinks. ^_~ But this girl always gets what she wants. He has no idea that I tipped off security. Soon....mmmmn...soon I'll be free. ohh yeah. I'm such a naughty girl. It won't be long now Alex.

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