Cherry's apartment.



Cherry's Introduction can be Read: *Here*


Heading from my apartment we call in at the Lacy EHHQ and pick up Cherry's Key Card for her new apartment.

Enter the Block and up a few flights of Stairs. Pass some potted plants in the hall way and we're outside her door.

- Well Cherry, here you've your Key Card.

Stand in the front of the door.

- Are you going to invite me in or what?

Pull out my cell phone and shoot of a few texts to the other Girls!

Hope Cherry don't have a grudge to me for what i did her.
Well, after all i gave her a bride dress and nice shoes; and she tried to teach me how to play black jack, was just so close to understand it...
After a nice afternoon at my apartment, she finally ask me for a job at Lacy, signed a Contract, and here we are.