Stories - Front Desk Example (The Invitation)

On the old Lacy Place site, we used a pre-written story called The Invitation, to help new submissives begin their journey and set up their character profiles.

Here is the full text of that story. Your own story can be based on this, or it can be completely different. But it will give you a good sense of how things work here:


The Invitation

An incredibly attractive girl at the front desk smiles and takes the invitation from your hand. As she tap-tap-taps on her keyboard, her face glows in the flickering light from her monitor. While she types you barely notice an imperceptible shake of her head as if she were lamenting your good fortune.

"Do you have the accompanying forms filled out?"

A cute frown appears as you admit you haven't then she shakes her own head again and bites her lip.

"That's okay. Just hand me your information and I'll fill out the form for you."

As you place your ID and everything else on the counter for her to use, she hands you a single $5000 token. Its weight is only matched by the way the light shines off its reddish-gold finish. Like a moth to the flame, you are completely mesmerized by the chip and the embossed feminine shape that lounges erotically on the coin. The girl on the coin seems alive and you imagine that you hear a soft voice say:

"Go ahead... I'll watch your things for you. Good luck."

You smile as you realize it's the girl behind the counter. You grin at her, even as two equally attractive\ women surround you. They each take an arm and escort you into the flash and sounds of excitement inside. Your heart races as you see a girl whose beauty puts all the rest to shame. She stands beside a velvet rope and gestures you toward her when she sees the chip in your hand. She opens the velvet barrier for you and leads you to a giant slot machine.

She kisses your cheek with a mumbled good luck before returning to her post. Even in your anxious state, you can see a trace of something in her eyes. Is it sadness, helplessness, remorse? You look down at the token again and the erotic figure on it seems to compel you, driving any other thought from your head. This token is lucky. You can feel it. The immense machine in front of you whirls and it causes your gaze to drift up. It is a very large and oversized slot machine. The bright neon-pink letters blaze out: Set for Life. A brand new convertible and a pyramid of gold bars are displayed just behind the machine. Pictures of a mansion and a speed boat adorn each side of the machine.

You take a deep breath and approach. You watch your hand slide the token into the slot. The girl on the coin almost seems to wink as she disappears into the neon beast. Your hand finds the lever. It seems to pulse in your hand, matching the rhythmic lights of the machine. Your hand finds the raised head and clutches it. You close your eyes and pull.

Time stops as the wheels whir. The lights blink. The sounds explode. A loud thunk and the first wheel stops. It shows, "SET" while the next two continue to whir faster and faster. The second one clunks to a stop. "FOR." Your heart beats as though ready to jump out of your skin. The last wheel continues: spinning, spinning, spinning. Then it stops. The thud it makes an anticlimactic end. A bright pink lipstick kiss is displayed on the final wheel. The machine goes quiet and dims. No alarms, no flashing lights, no winner. You take one last look at what could have been before sadly making your way back down out of the velvet entrapment.

The beautiful girl that ushered you in shakes her head with what can only be disdain, the veneer of pleasantness completely gone. She approaches you in a very business-like manner.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to come with us. It seems you can't financially back the bet you just made."

You look at her confused. Bet?!? The chip was part complimentary. You try and explain this, but they usher you down the hall ignoring your protests.

"If you had read the form, the ticket is for the opportunity to play the machine... the bet comes from your own finances. Your account does not have $5000 credit. Do you have the ability to pay this?"

You instinctively reach for your wallet only to find it missing. Your mind flashes back to the desk where you left it.

"I left it at the front desk."

Collectively the girls all stand silent as one of the girls checks your story by phone. She shakes her head upon returning. Your heart begins to beat a little faster. Your ID, all your credit cards, all your cash. Everything you have is gone and you've just placed $5000 worth of money you don't have.

Your face goes pale as another phone call is placed, this time to the owner of the casino. You bite your lip waiting to hear the verdict, trying to think of some way to get out of this. The girl returns with a smirk on her face.

"This happens occasionally," she says, her voice dripping with disdain, "...and the solution is for you to work off your debt. There is a bit of a problem, however. Company policy states that only females may work at the Lacy Place casino."

You look at her confused.

"I think an arrangement can be made however..."

Like a pack of wolves the girls descend upon you, tearing at your clothes, ripping them off. You try to protest and then to resist, but despite your best efforts, you find yourself naked, standing in the center of the room with half a dozen women surrounding you.

"These will get you started," the leader says. She tosses you a wig and a pink robe. "You'll need to purchase better clothing to work in. Don't worry; it'll be added to your tab."

She chuckles as you hastily put on the robe to conceal your nakedness.

"The casino will provide a small room above the shopping plaza. Its cost will be added to your tab as well. I suggest you go to the orientation center. They'll help you get better acquainted with what you're expected to do."

They wheel almost in unison and you're left, by yourself... in a pink satin robe, wondering what to do next.