How do I get started?

To get started at the Lacy Place, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Register and login on the Main site

The Main site is the central home of Locked In Lace, and you must always login there. When you're here in the Lacy Place, you can return to the Main site at any time by clicking the LiL logo at the top right of the page.

See the Account Registration FAQ for more information.

2. Get a basic understanding of our core rules and key concepts

The most important things are to show respect for other players, communicate regularly with your playmates to ensure everyone's having fun, and understand IC vs OOC (In Character vs Out Of Character). There must be no under-18s, bestiality or incest anywhere on site either.

You can also post on the OOC Bulletin Board here, or use the Chat program and discussions forum over on the Main site, to get to know people and ask questions about the site, before you dive into anything.

See the Game Rules FAQ and the Key Concepts & Advice FAQ for more information.

3. Create your character's initial profile

Before you can post any stories, you need to create a character profile. You will then be able to select that character when you post. You can update your character's information as your story progresses. So, to start with, just create your character in the way they will start the story.

If you're going to be submissive, then we recommend you start your character as a male, so he can then be feminized to become a girl. You can skip the feminization if you wish, but it's a hugely important part of any forced fem story, so it's well worth doing it properly. Later you can then decide what job your character will take on (e.g. receptionist, waitress, maid, showgirl, shop girl, masseur, etc). Lydia has put together a great Jobs Guide to tell you about the positions on offer. But get your introduction story done first.

If you're going to be dominant, then you have a few options. You could be a client or customer, who visits the casino to play the games, use the facilities and be served by the girls. Or you could be an instructor, who helps to train and discipline the girls to do their job properly. Or you could be a manager who helps to oversee a particular area of the casino, keeping an eye on the instructors and the girls, and giving out training and discipline as well.

See the Character Creation FAQ for more information.

Once your profile is set up, we also recommend posting in the registry with a detailed description as well. It's not essential, but people will go there looking for further information about you and your character, so it's worth doing.

4. Start your story

The best way to start is by having your character arrive at the Front Desk. Try to write a post that is descriptive - e.g. what your character looks like, a bit of their backstory, why they've come to the casino, etc). The more interesting your post is, the more likely it is that people will want to play with you.

You then need to be patient while you wait for someone to come and greet you. This could take a day or two, perhaps longer. Don't leave it any more than a week though, otherwise your thread will get buried in the list. If you're worried that nobody's turning up, make a post on the OOC Bulletin Board asking for help.

The traditional story for new submissives involves the male character being tricked into debt, by playing a game that's rigged so he'll lose. The Set For Life slot machines are most commonly used for this. He then has to work at the casino to pay off his debt - but they only employ girls, so he has to be feminized first. The new girl may be working there for quite a while, as these debts aren't cheap!

There are other possibilities as well, but if you're looking for an opening story, that one is most common, as we used it on the previous version of the site.

See the Story Posting FAQ for more information.

5. Next Steps

The person who helps you with your intro will be able to advise where to go next and what to do. Use Private Messages to communicate with them and ask any questions you need to. If you're also using the Chat and forum features over on the Main site to make even more friends, then they can help you too.

See the Useful Story Links FAQ for more links that might be useful as you get into your story.

That's it! Once you start settling in, things will happen more quickly and naturally. So just take your time to begin with, there's no rush. And have fun! :)