Fleur Rouge Bakery and Pastry

Welcome to Fleur Rouge Bakery and Pastry! You can visit us all days, except Sundays, from 6 AM to 0 AM in all days.

Come to take a nice breakfast at the morning. We have:

- Many types of fresh breads
- An huge variety of juices and coffees from all the world
- Fruits
- Cakes
- Cheese
- Hot Chocolate
- Natural Sandwiches
- Eggs and Bacon

Let's start with a strong breakfast for a nice day!

Eat a delicious slice of cake with tea or coffee at the afternoon! We have more then 100 different types of cakes at the shop. Also, we have a nice selection of fruits and candies to make your day happier.

Let's eat another slice of cake or come to enjoy our Cheese and Wines at night! We server many types of cheese and wines from all over the world! Bring your friends and have a nice night with classical music playing in the background.

Do you want our products at your home? You can take it all! We delivery them at all Lacy! Just ask for them by telephone or Internet.

Want our help in your party or weeding? Call us and we provide a special cake for a special occasion!

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Our specialties are our delicious cakes! We have more than 100 types of cake for you to try! From 12 AM to 6 PM we have our cakes afternoon. You can try a nice cake from our selection with a nice coffee, juice or tea to drink. Have a happy day eating a delicious cake!


Welcome to our breakfast! Between 6 AM and 12 PM, the Fleur Rouge offers you a nice selection of food to start your day in the best possible manner! Do you want to have our all you can eat buffet? Just try it! In our buffet we have more then 200 products to make your morning happy. Also you can ask us for something without extra charge.