Dejewelled! [Random String Theory]

Played by Lydia
2 years 2 months ago



I`d Been De-jewelled! Had the SNIP, the CUT that Most Men would Dread but that was just it, I Wasn`t a Man!

I had Relished Handing Over that Last Vestige of my Former Life! The Pollutant Apparatus that had kept me back! Yes, I was Still a Dickie Bitch but there was no Longer anything to my undercarriage! Smooth & Flat! ~Grin

I could Wear Panties without ruining the Fine Cut & the Only Balls between my Thighs [or Slamming against my Butt] would be Yours!

Q`s & A`s

Do you Still Get Hard? YES
Do you still Come? YES
Do you Miss them? NO

OOC Notes

*If you`ve had Corrective Surgery, Then by All Means Post Below!