Mindy Sixtieloves Apartment! [INVT ONLY]

Played by Lydia
2 years 4 months ago



Mindies INTRO can be read: *Click Here*

If I was on my own, I`d be contently Fisting the Air! Damn I had a Penchant for this! What had Started as a Cover for another Gurl, had led to me Inducting yet another!

Lacy was always Hungry for more Skirts & I had just Plucked, Transformed & Packaged her latest addition to the Work Force.

I was a little Wiser at being a Hairdresser & I owed a Debt of Gratitude to Amanda for helping me Pull this off!

Leading Mindie by the arm, I present her with the door to her New Apartment!

"Well, here we Are Chick! This is Home from now on! So, you going to let us in?"~Grin

OOC Notes

@ Mindie, I`ve given you the KeyCard for your New Place Already!~Wink