Making friends {Now open}



We walk out of the Steel Horse Saloon, well it would probably be more accurate to say Laura walked out and I wobbled. Not because I was wearing 5" stiletto's, I was used to them now, but more to do with the five very large whiskey's I'd had.

It's this way. Oops! I say holding her hand and weaving a bit as I lead her through the complex toward the employee housing area. I hope my being a bit drunk doesn't put her off. I think to myself. Come on, pull yourself together Siobhan. We can do this. I make an effort and holding tightly to her hand I manage to walk without staggering.

Eventually we make it to my place.

We're here, welcome to my little sanctuary. I say opening the door and stepping to one side to let her in.

Would you like a drink, I think I have a bottle of wine in the fridge, or tea or coffee. Make yourself at home. I'm babbling with nervousness.