Pamelyn's Erotic Change

Played by pamelyn
2 years 4 months ago



I was curious. I loved dressing up and the way I would transform myself into a sweet submissive girl just by putting on some lingerie and makeup. That's how it started. Then I got into different websites and upped the stakes developing my female side, Pamelyn. When that wasn't enough I took on some dares on line. I now had a small wardrobe. The trip to the salon was supposed to be harmless. I met a Mistress on line from my city. She really new how to turn me on. Her challenge was to go to the salon and get a manicure and pedicure. I was supposed to dress all in girls clothes. I was to take a valium that Mistress sent over (I gave her my address) to help calm me down. I wore my prettiest lingerie it was pink with white trim. I put on a loose sweater over a blouse and wore a pair of black full cut slacks and women's shoes. I had an appointment for my nails. I had given the name of the salon to Mistress as she inquired. I was to take a picture when I was done and send it to her. What happened next was more than I bargained for. A little background; Mistress knew that I worked in an office with 5 other women. During our online chats I shared quite a bit with her. Over the weeks we talked, I wore more feminine clothes to work under my clothes. I was using day and night creams and I had lost a decent amount of weight, all at the urging of Mistress. I was shaving my body as well for a clean smooth feminine look. I had grown my nails and hair a little longer. If anyone at work noticed anything, none of the ladies said anything to me. Everyone was nicer to me these days at work, but I didn't think much of it.
So its Sat afternoon and I arrive at the salon for my appointment. Her name was Marsha and she welcomed me in, found my appointment and served me a glass of wine. Lisa came over after about 15 minutes and took me to a large chair to begin my nails. I was feeling very good. I soaked my feet in a hot tub of water as Lisa began to rub them and generally clean them up. As I had finished my wine, I was given a second. Getting a pedicure was like heaven. Lisa complemented my how soft and pretty my feet were. She cleaned and groomed them. Then she showed me a dark red glittery polish and recommended I let her use that for me. I didn't know what to say, so I agreed. When she finished my toes were dazzling. I was given more wine and she started on my hands. The same heavenly treatment took place. 3 glasses of wine later I had nails to die for and I couldn't stop staring at them. That's when I was wisked off to a closed room and two beautiful women gave me a full body wax. I was torn between humiliation and the effect of the wine and I just did as I was told. The waxing hurt a lot, but the wine and valium succeeded in keeping me very happy. The next thing I know I am in a pink short silky robe and my lingerie and I am in a chair having my hair evaluated. I couldn't stop staring at my nails. They were dazzling. My hair was washed and they applied this very smelly cream - they told me it was a conditioner. I was leaned back in the chair and had hot towels wrapped around my face. I fell asleep. When I did awake, Marci showed me my know very shapely eyebrows, my multiple pierced ears and nose.
She was working on cutting and styling my hair. When she finished I realized I was now a very light brown, with lovely blond highlights and lots of waves and feathering. A very lovely but feminine style. I was quickly moved over to another chair with Susan and I was given a full makeover. Eyes, lips, face, everything. All of the girls gushed over me. I was sooo pretty. My eyes sparkled, my nails sparkled, my lips were full and luscious, my eyelashes long and black. I was stunned and amazed, but much too drunk to object. Marsha told me that Mistress had arranged the entire deal for me and paid the bill. Several photos were taken and sent to show her the finished product. I was worried about work on Monday. Very worried. But they told me not to be worried at all. I now had a job at the salon - Mistress again - and I was to begin on Monday.