Jennifer meets the Welcoming Committee

Played by Jennifer Veronica
2 years 5 months ago



Continued from here:

I make sure to thank Marky for the gifts and Eveline for the cake.

"Actually," I say to Jacqueline "I just have this dress and these shoes. Unless there's anything in the bedroom closet or dresser. I honestly haven't checked yet. I needed some time to chill after what happened earlier and process everything. I guess I will need some more clothes eventually. Especially if I'm going to keep these huge boobs they gave me in check." I chuckle a bit. "How exactly do they make it feel like they're real? I mean, I have feeling in them like they're part of me. That's not possible. Is it?"

I turn to Davinna. "I'm glad I'm not being forced into anything right away. Becoming a girl was not on my agenda this morning. I may need some time to digest what's happened. I'm not sure I'm comfortable walking around like this just yet. Even though no one would think I was anything but a girl I'm just not ready. What did you girls do when you first got here?"

I get some plates out of the kitchen cupboard and a knife from the drawer and start cutting the cake. I bring each of them a piece and then cut one for myself.

"This is really good."