a simple haircut lead to a full makeover [open to all]



It was a normal morning in mark's life.
after waking up he take a long hot shower then go check his mail.

In the letter box he find a free haircut coupon.

*hum, nice... I can really use an haircut, my hair begin to be really long...*

As he walk to his couch, he read the coupon.

"free wash, cut and style in lacy place"

*I'm so broken, something free is always good, i guess i'll give it a try*

After being dressed, Mark head to the address on the coupon.

When he arrive toward the salon, mark see an overly feminine salon.

*Oh fuck its a girl hair salon... well now that i'm here, i can always check if they do male haircut too...*

Mark pushes the entrance door.

'Jingle jingle'

He walk to the counter.

" - Hi, anybody here? i got a free haircut coupon... "

OOC Notes

i prefer a really forced makeover.
and when i said makeover, i mean full makeover, don't be affraid to change my character from head to toe in a very girly sissy. you can even go to the full platinum blond bimbo with big lips, big boobs, big hair and big butt.
the only part required, is the hairstyle, i prefer big bouffant hairdo, you can go crazy .

Ps : Its my first try here, so be gentle if i have done something wrong, thx

Ps 2 : Thx to have read all of this :-3