Cloning Facility

This facility was created to make clones of Lady V, and transfer the consciousness of other recruits into the new bodies. Ten days of exhaustive lessons and mind control techniques would leave these girls mere shadows of their former selves, but potentially the next generation of great Lacy workers. Although many different results will occur, it is expected that more bimbos, sluts and slaves will emerge from the training regiment.

The facility itself was completed in record time. The main training area was little bigger than a gymnasium, but here were more doors, at any given point this facility could handle fifty clones. All but two doors lead to each girl's room. Each girls room was small, a desk with makeup, a small bed, and television screen that showed things we wanted them to see or hear.

The first morning is always the hardest for them, they may remember a very fun night the night before, and going to bed with a lovely woman, but then they wake up. Here. They are not in the same body they were in just hours ago, they are different. A blond woman who looks like a bimbo or slut, maybe both. They awake naked on a bed, the only clothes are a single pink dress hanging from a hanger on the back of the door. He door is locked.

Eventually the door unlocks, come out naked or dressed? Either way, they manage to find themselves in the auditorium, where they see the other new girls just like them, and one simple uncomfortable thought over takes them, every girl looks identical to the other...

At the end of the next ten days each girl will be different mentally and will be rewarded with the surgeries to match their new selves.

OOC: Alright ladies, want to be a part of the Cloning Facility? Create a new character, the image above is the avatar for all clones while they are 'enrolled' in the CF. Upon the final class, you will be given voucher and taken to the clinic and be changed one more time to something that matches your new personality (we can't have a bunch of V's running around interacting with the unknowing public, right? And your character's name is 'Bimbo#?' Where the '?' is a number.

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