A magical winter party and Christnas market (open for everyone)

Played by Larissa
2 years 7 months ago



With the help of Jacqueline's brother Bill, we have cleaned all the glass panes of the old abandoned greenhouse of the Midsummer party to make it shine and sparkle like an ice palace

We rolled in some artificial trees and aligned them to form an alley from the entrance to the main room of the greenhouse

I decorate them with lights and artificial snow, so that they sparkle nicely, we also installed a big air conditioning unit to chill the whole setting to just slightly below 0℃, so as to create the perfect wintery atmosphere, once done, I call big sister, Davinna, my sweet fiancee Taffy and some other friends to help me set up the Christmas market stalls and stock the bar

With everything set up, my fiancee Taffy and I open the doors to welcome the visitors