Have a Massage, You'll Love It, I Promise

Played by HannahQuinzel
2 years 7 months ago



After taking a moment to drop luggage off in her room Hannah had changed out of her loose fitting jumper and into a lighter blouse, soft and black it was still androgynous but the shape of her bosom was just about visible when it fell right. She figured given the figures of so many of the women she'd seen around the place she would hardly draw too many looks and could be herself a little.

Her friend who had bought her her ticket and booked her her room had mentioned she'd thrown in a massage as part of the present. "You'll love it," she'd said. If the masseuses were anything like the receptionists that was easy to believe.

Still feeling a little self conscious about the way her nipples had been defined under the soft fabric in the elevator mirror she didn't feel like drawing attention to herself, instead she stood looking a little awkward hovering near the spa's reception.

OOC Notes

It doesn't have to go x-rated, I just wanted to make clear that I don't mind if it does. ;)

I'm very new here and this is my first story so... well, I won't so be gentle.