New Guy At The Pool (private.. maybe invite)

Played by Yuhana Scott
2 years 9 months ago



After bought my freedom, I have had my ups and downs. This time life is going uphill. getting up from my sunbed and head to the pool, just one quick dip in the freshing water before go to.. *laughs to myself' where would I go? I really need something.. to amuse myself.

Hips swaying.. I love the way it get attention.. practicly from everybody. Almost topple over as I bump a...

"Watch it.. You almost knock me over!" I say angry tone.. I was, but not to him.. only to myself, but he should step aside. "Well, what are you looking at.. boy?" Just trying my luck. He might not be aware of secret of this place. *smiling seductively* maybe find my... amusement.

OOC Notes

X rated and (maybe invation) is because... you never know.. what can happen...
this is something that was played in chat.. but thought it could work well as a thread.. deepen it.