Post Formatting

The toolbar below - which you'll see above many text boxes - allows you to add effects to your posts. Simply type your text, highlight it, then press the button for the effect you want:

The buttons have keyboard shortcuts.
Hold Shift+Alt and tap the character
shown in brackets on the right.
From left to right, the buttons are:
Image (M) / Link (L) / Bold (B) / Italic (I) / Underline (U) / Strikeout (S) /
Number List (O) / Bullet List (N) / Heading (H) / Quote (Q) /
Code Format (D) / Teaser Break (T) / Preview (P) / Help (1)

Most of those items are self-explanatory, but be aware of the following points:
  • Images - Images from your computer must be uploaded to the web first. See the images FAQ entry for info.
  • Lists - When adding to lists, make sure each item starts with [*].
  • Code Format - Fixed-width text, usually used to show programming code.
  • Teaser Break - This has no function in your posts, so just ignore it..
  • Preview - Use this to check your formatting, it's often really useful!
However, they aren't the only effects you can use, and some of those above can be customised a little bit.
To see all the possible effects and codes, please read the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ:
Text Effects - The full list of text formatting codes
Colors - A definitive list of color codes
Images - A detailed guide to posting images
Videos - How to add Youtube clips to your posts