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The Lacy Place may look big and confusing, but it’s easy to get around, and many functions are the same across different areas. So here’s a quick guide to the main links and common features you’ll see throughout the site.

On every page of the site, you’ll always see a banner with 2 logos:

  • Click the Lacy Place logo at any time to return to the Lacy Place Home Page
  • Click the Locked In Lace logo to return to LiL’s Main site. Remember you must register and login at the Main Site in order to use Lacy.

Below the logos are tabs for the various areas of the site. If you can’t see them (particularly on mobile devices), you should see a Menu link instead, which you can click to reveal the options.

HomeTakes you to Lacy’s Home page. From here you can create characters, check your Private Messages, see who’s online, and much more. If there’s something there you don’t understand, it’ll be explained somewhere in this FAQ.
AboutTells you about the game, please do read it.
StoriesPoint to the Stories tab without clicking, and a menu will drop down revealing all the different locations. Or click the tab to see a single forum showing stories from all areas. There’s detailed help on Stories later in this FAQ.
The MallAllows you to visit stores created by other players, and open new stores of your own. This is all described later in the FAQ.
OOC DiscussionsA forum to talk Out Of Character (i.e. as players), post bulletin notices, etc.
FAQTakes you to our Help page, which you’re reading right now...
BookmarksShows you the content you've bookmarked. To bookmark something on the site (e.g. a story), just open the thread and click Bookmark at the top of the first post. To remove the bookmark, go back to the page you bookmarked, or to the Bookmarks tab, and click Remove Bookmark.
DiariesAllows you to write a diary/blog for your character.
On the Home Page itself, you'll see lots of important links on the right of the page:
My AccountTakes you to your account page, where you can access all sorts of useful information, including detail on all your characters, and even access your Main site profile.
Create A CharacterThis is where you set up your character profiles. Go here for detailed help.
Full Character ListLists all characters on the site. Click a name to view their profile and list of threads, or a picture to see a large version. Click the column headings to sort the list
Start A StoryAllows you to create a thread in any of the story forums. See the Story Posting FAQ for details.
Diary EntryAllows you to post a new diary entry.
Create Banner AdAllows you to create adverts to display in certain areas of the casino, for a week at a time. See the Banner Ads FAQ for details.
Track ContentAllows you to track all content on the site, or your own content (use the buttons at the top of the page to switch between the two). Click a thread name to open it, new post indicators to jump to the most recent comments in a thread, author names to visit their account pages, and column headings to sort the list.
Log OutLogs you out of LiL, including the Main site and this Lacy site.
Private MessagesThese options let you communicate privately with other players. See here for detailed help.
Who's OnlineTells you who's online right now. Click a name to view that player's profile page and list of characters.
Popular ContentLists the most active and popular topics on the site at the moment. Just click a topic to visit it.
There are a few links on the left of the Home page too:
Bug ReportsIf you find any bugs in the new Lacy, please use our Bug Reports page on the Main site to let us know. Make sure your bug hasn't already been reported first, and make sure any reports you make specify that it is a Lacy Place bug. Be descriptive too - tell us what you were doing and what happened, including any error messages. It really helps us.
MagazineThe Magazine features articles on all sorts of things, all written by various members of Lacy. A direct link to the latest issue is shown on the Home page, and just below it is a link to the archive showing all past issues. If you want to get involved with the Magazine, contact Jacqueline.
DonationLocked In Lace is provided free of charge, but it isn't cheap to keep it running, and a lot of work has gone into it. So if you're really enjoying yourself here, and want the site to keep running in its current, advert-free form, please consider donating towards the costs. Every little helps, and we'll be very grateful!

All the other parts of the site are explained later in the FAQ. But here are some common options you’ll see in most of them:

Character & Player NamesWherever you see a Character or Player name - e.g in an index or next to a post they’ve made - you can click it to see their Profile, giving you information about that Character or Player. Visiting a Player's profile in particular gives you various options - e.g. to send them a Private Message, view their Character profiles, view their posts, and view their Main site profile.
Character & Player Force LevelsBelow the picture of each character on the forums, you'll see a couple of little icons. These represent the level of force the player is happy to tolerate in their stories, particularly for that character. Hover over the icon for a tooltip to explain what it means.
Opening ThreadsThreads are basically conversations, with the replies shown one after the other as you scroll down the page. You’ll see this with Stories and Private Messages, and in various other places. In any case, you simply open a thread by clicking its title. Or, if you’re on a page showing you a preview of the thread’s opening post, you can click Read More below the preview to do the same thing.
Reading New CommentsIf a thread has received new posts since you last opened it, it will be indicated next to it (e.g. 5 new comments). This is actually a link - simply click it to jump to the first new reply.
Posting RepliesIf you open a thread and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see there are two boxes for you to reply with - one for In Character (IC) story text, and one for Out Of Character (OOC) remarks by you as the Player. See the Story Posting FAQ entry for details. Just make sure you don’t interrupt private stories - if in doubt, ask the thread owner if you can join in.
If you’re on a page where you can see the summary of a thread’s opening post. you can also click the Add new comment button, which will take you to a page to type your reply. In this case, however, you won’t see the other posts in the thread at the same time, so opening the thread first is usually better.
For help with adding effects to your text (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects, Colors, Images and Videos. Note that you cannot add effects in OOC (Out Of Character) boxes.
Deleting PostsIf you want a post deleted, please ask an admin to do so. For technical reasons we cannot give regular users the ability to delete their own posts, and we won't delete posts if doing so will destroy a thread for others.
And that’s it - those are the most basic functions you need to use the site. So have fun exploring! :D