Banner Ads

You can use banner ads to promote stories and shops you’re involved in. They’re shown in the locations you choose in the Stories area (on the Home and Forums Only pages in each case). People then click the ad to visit the link of your choice. If there are multiple adverts running for one location, one will be randomly selected each time the page is loaded. You can only link to pages within Lacy.

It will cost you 25 Chips to post a banner advert for a week. You earn chips by creating and commenting on threads in the Stories area, but please don’t spam the site just to earn chips.

To create an advert, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Create Banner Ad (under Quick Links). You’ll be taken to a form with these options:

Title of the adEnter a title for your advert. This won’t show to other users, they’ll just see the image you add below.
LocationSpecify where you want the advert to appear. It will then appear on that location’s Home page.
Ad ImageBanner ads are generally wide, almost filling the width of the page, and are not very tall. There is a minimum size limit shown below the box - so your image cannot be smaller than that. Your image should include some meaningful text as well, so people know what they’re clicking on.
To add your image, click Browse, find and select the image on your computer, then click Upload to save it on the site. The site may crop and resize it to fit in a suitable space - you’ll be shown a preview as soon as it’s uploaded, so you can click Remove and try another image it doesn’t look right.
Link TitleAdd a title for the link your banner ad will point to - note the character limit shown there.
Link URLThis is the address people will be taken to when they click your ad. To find it, open the page in question (preferably in another tab or window), and look at the address at the top of your browser. The bit you need is after - so the text you enter will start with node/ (e.g. node/1). If you include the bit before ‘node’, it won’t work.
Link TitleAdd a title for the link your banner ad will point to - note the character limit shown there.
When you’ve finished, hit the Preview button to check how your ad will look, and edit things if necessary. Then, when you’re happy, click the Save button and your ad will be added to the relevant location for everyone to see. You can edit the ad at this point by clicking Edit.

Your advert will stay up for 7 days. You'll be reminded a couple of days before it expires, at which point you can extend it for another 7 days if you wish (for another 25 Chips of course).

Note: If you use any ad-blockers on your computer, you may find the banner ads don't show up. Adding the domain as an exception should fix that. It's perfectly safe to do so - LiL is proudly ad-free, so we promise you won't see any annoying adverts or pop-ups as you explore! :)