The Bimbo Factory : Age of Ultra

* NEW CONTENT* 9/1/15

" The Ultra Chamber "
We now have the capacity and tech to make our experience viewable : The 'project' will be chipped which enables us to download any possible variation into the subject.
This allows for the project themselves, or interested parties, to view the whole process in a mirrored chamber, or from the comfort of the control room (beverages complementary)
Regular (or spectacular) services still available at : The Bimbo Factory Main Page :

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No posts here please......even you Anna Lynn :)

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Appointments available!

With the waiting list now cleared, The Bimbo Factory is proud to announce the taking of immediate applicants:
Applicants must not already be bimbos
We don't only make bimbos and intelligence reduction is not required
We've made :
Sissy Bimbos
Plain Jane's into Glamour models
A hybrid dominant male/female that are married and can morph between the two
A broken man into a beautiful snowflower/redheaded girl
Hayden Panettiere with Coco Austin's body
Selena Gomez with Charley Atwell's body

Bambi.....The Bimbo Factory Demo Model

Bambi had become somewhat of a much loved pet around Lacy but it had come to my attention that she needed a place to keep herself from....herself somewhat......
So be being a charitable sort I decided she'd be a perfect demo model for real customers to take for a ride......and if some one wanted to pay a nominal fee to take her......that would work too.....
I'd not met her until the point I ushered her in to her new home
" Welcome home, Bambi.....have fun...."
I slap her ass and open the door....