The Lacy Chains Exhibition Arena

Hello and welcome to The Lacy Chains Exhibition Arena or The Arena for short.

Here at The Arena we specialize in giving grand stages for exhibitionists and public humiliation. The image above is just a stock photo of the smallest available arena.
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We have 3 Arena sizes and 6 total arena, much like the MMA the arena's are octagonal, but much more like the WWE/WWF we also provide props, anything you want will be placed into the arena before a proper exhibition match. We support impromptu exhibition shows, that are open for all to see, anyone can pay to come in and watch, and walk out at any time, about as public as you get.

Our smallest arena type is called The Ladies Room About the same size as the Lady's room and about as exciting as any here at The Lacy Place are always open for walk-in/walk-out shows completely public, nothing separating your sexual exhibitionism from the audience except for poles holding up the cage. Worried that someone might miss something, well not to worry, we have cameras installed inside each pole for immersive viewing on the web where the viewer can change which camera they are watching on at a whim! And best yet! A small camera drone, so small and fast, yet such good quality video that it took footage of an elephant stepping on it, and it escaped from the center in less than a second, you probably won't even know it's there until you decide to watch the spectacle back for yourself!

Our medium arena size is called The Locker Room. It's about the same size as one and has great action! Best arena for small group events, or events that involve lots of props and only a few people. One arena can be rented in advanced for an informal event, the other is walk-ins only, it is highly recommended for those who want fun with a small group or are humiliating a low-level employee or two.

Our largest arena is the one and only Iron Maiden! Not named after the band, but after the torture device. This arena is for humiliation and exhibition on the Grand Scale! Currently the arena can hold a large number of props, including extra wardrobe areas for on the fly changing of clothes, and up to 18 people while still having ample breathing room. This is recommended for large groups or grandiose statements, best for bringing down that CEO you found to his knees and make him beg like the bitch he is supposed to be!

All events come with a professionally compiled recording with all the best angles for the best action possible, all the walk-in events are livestreamed and later compiled on the site into a video available for purchase in HD quality. And all events using the Iron Maiden stage must be at least 3 days in advance with the parties involved in the exhibition/humiliation and if it's to be a humiliation OR exhibition themed event, along with a list of props checked off. High profile clients are always prioritized with the only exceptions being if an event is already in progress at the time, but for best effect at least 3 days notice for tickets and marketing are requested.

So what are you waiting for come down to The Arena today, and show everyone the whores in your closet today!

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The Ladies Room

Welcome to our one on one impromptu exhibition arena; The Ladies Room. It's a lot nicer than it sounds, a lot cleaner, but it's about the same size as the restrooms for the employees here at The Lacy Place. It has about as much name calling as one too. We do schedulings for these rooms, however it is a walk-in, walk-out sort of exhibition with a low cost to play and a low cost to view, though if you want a limited showing for clients, friends or guests, we also sell tickets and make sure that only those authorized can view the action.