The Bimbo Factory

The Bimbo Factory : OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (PM please)

Premises of the Premises :

The Factory is a location where Bimbos can be created in a matter of a couple hours
There is a "Selector" machine that allows the user to custom design a girl
Such options include (but aren't limited to) :
Facial construction : enhanced lips, eyes, cheekbones etc.
Permanent make-up
Breasts, hips, waists and asses shaped to spec
Intelligence reduction
Full mind control and automation

Options :

A visitor may use the machine believing he/she is designing his/her own bimbo,
only for their selections to be used upon them

A Domme/Dom can bring their charges for re-assignment

A kidnapped female can be selected from the " Chamber " and re-designed to suit

*For those girls wishing a quick transition, I believe this would be better than starting out at Lacy,
wanting to be feminized but arriving already with a female avatar/measurements/ and with employment listed at the casino/hotel etc.

* Please do not bring a current character in that's already all optioned out as a bimbo.....I get you're airheaded but there's no double-bimboing :)

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