Unexpected journey. ( Closed to the public )

Played by Barbies Heather
2 years 11 months ago



Having had a long flight back to the states after a long shoot in France and with my photography skills and company business consulting booming for me, it's good to be back. While driving down the freeway, my mind wanders off thinking about the French girl i was with the night before and that what my wife doesn't know won't hurt anything, she's 4 months pregnant and can't really travel anyway..Drifting off in my mind and not paying attention to where I'm going i find myself driving across the grass divider and into on coming traffic driving right across a black cars path and off to the side of the road.

I watch the car swerve off the road and hit a small tree. I jump out of my car run towards the other car meeting at the door as a most beautiful blonde women opens the door of the car and seems to be ok and not hurt, tho she does seem a bit shaken and upset that i could be so careless. The right fender however is bent into the tire causing her car non drivable. I immediately ask her if she is ok.

"I'm soooo sorry Miss?? I can't believe I was so in thought that i could wind up on this side of the road, are you alright???...OMG..I could have killed you or even myself and others..Please!! What can i do for you. where do you need to go? Do you have a home or Suite somewhere i can take you to? I feel such a fool..I will take care of your car and even buy you a new one if that's what it takes. God..I am so sorry. My name is Nick..Miss?? "

I wait for her response and what she would like me to do to help cause of my stupidity.