Game Rules

We don’t have many rules here, but those we do have are essential, so please make sure you understand them. If any of them are unclear, please don’t be afraid to contact one of the admins for further help.

First, there are LiL's 3 Core Rules, which apply to all our sites:

Over-18s onlyLiL is a strictly adult environment. Therefore, all players and their characters must be at least 18 years old, and you must not involve children or pregnancies in any posts, stories, images, videos, etc. Any children mentioned by a character must be elsewhere outside the casino, and not directly involved in the scene taking place.
No bestiality,
pedophilia or incest
These are illegal and are not welcome here.
Respect everyone
on the site
Please help us keep the site friendly, welcoming and fun, by respecting other users. For instance:
  • All players are equal, regardless of their characters. No player has authority over any other (except the admins).
  • Everyone can play as they wish, within the core rules and game context. Don't force your preferences on others.
  • Ensure everyone knows there's a friendly player behind your character, doubly so if your character is an evil type.
  • Don't interrupt threads or spam the forums to try and get attention. It won't go down well with other users.
  • Report anyone who is breaking the rules to the admins, so they can check it out properly.
Also, The Lacy Place is set in the real world, which means:
Characters must be humanThis means no non-humans like furries, vampires, zombies, etc. But a character can still dress and act like something unusual (e.g. fancy dress, pony play, etc), as long as it's clear that's all they're doing. And normal animals can be kept as pets, as long as they can't speak, think or act like a human.
No magicCharacters may have a belief in magic, but real magic cannot happen. Rituals or ceremonies should also be kept private. But characters can still perform fake tricks for entertainment e.g. stage magicians.
No sci-fiFuturistic and alien technology is prohibited, to keep things as real as we can. We do make some exception for advanced technology used for feminization purposes, but it must have a sensible basis in real science and exist in the real world in some form. We may rein things in if we feel they go too far.
Note: You can play magic and sci-fi stories outside Lacy by visiting the Main site's Magic & Sci-Fi forum.

And finally, here are some controversial story subjects we’ve previously been asked to give our advice on. This may help you decide if an idea you have is suitable or not. But if you have concerns about a story idea that isn’t listed here, do feel free to contact an admin for advice. They’ll be happy to advise you.

Adult BabiesAdult characters may dress up and act like babies or children - provided they make it absolutely clear that the character is over 18 years old, e.g. in their profiles or registry entries. It may also be a good idea to add an OOC clarification to threads that involve that type of play, or to the character's signature, to warn people who want to avoid such stories. More detailed explanation and advice can be found in this thread.
Medical PlayCharacters that specialize in medical roles are of course allowed and encouraged, and can treat other characters - with the relevant player's OOC consent of course. And some advanced technology can be used for treatments, as long there is some basis in real science and it's used sensibly (we can rein things in if they go too far).
Please Note: If you have a real-life medical issue, please see a real-life medical professional for advice. Never seek or prescribe treatments on this site, as we cannot guarantee people's safety. Any medical advice you do follow from users here is at your own risk.
Mind ControlCharacters can be controlled and manipulated by methods such as hypnosis, if agreed OOC between those involved. However, mind-reading (telepathy) is strongly discouraged.
It is assumed that characters cannot read each other's private thoughts, just as in real-life, so it can confuse and upset other players if you seem to do so. Your character can give the impression they can read minds, but perhaps they're really using body language, bugging devices, etc.
ReligionsCharacters and players are free to have religious or spiritual beliefs, provided everyone is respectful towards one another. Please do not preach or force your beliefs on to others here, and keep roleplayed rituals, ceremonies, etc relatively private and to a sensible level, so others can avoid them if they wish.
That said, celebrations of major public festivals (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) are very much allowed and encouraged throughout the site, as many non-religious people enjoy them too.
ViolenceCharacters can have violent encounters - provided there is OOC agreement between the players involved. Never force a violent scene on to another player, never write another character's actions or responses for them, and never cross another player's limits. Players and characters should always have the option to avoid violent encounters if they wish to.