Stories - Posting

When you get involved in a story of your own, you basically make a post as one of your Characters, then another Player posts as one of their Characters, and so on. You keep exchanging posts, building up the story bit by bit (see the FAQ entry on roleplay etiquette for further advice).

You also earn Chips for posting in the Stories area - up to a maximum of 10 Chips per day - which you can use to create stores, banner ads, etc. But please don’t spam the site just to earn them, or you will be reined in.

If you're transferring a character from the old site, you do not need to restart your story - just set up your profile and carry on posting as normal - click here for more info.
Otherwise, if you're a new player, you should start by creating a thread in the Front Desk Lobby (by clicking Start A Story on the Home page - detailed help on this is below). Try to give a good description of your character and the reasons for their arrival at the casino. The more you tell us, the more tempted people will be to play with you - but please be patient while waiting for someone to greet you.
Either way, we strongly recommend that all characters go to the Front Desk and sign the Registry so we know all about them!
Now, here’s how to create and reply to stories:
Starting New StoriesTo start a story, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Start A Story (under Quick Links).
On the form that appears, first fill in the options on the left:
  • Title - Enter a title for your story. Try to make it meaningful so other players get a sense of what it’s about. If you don’t want anybody joining in without permission, add Private or Invite Only in brackets. Or, if you’re happy for anyone to take part, add Open to all instead. You can always update this later (e.g. it's a good idea to remove the Open notice if it becomes too late for people to join).
  • Character - You must indicate which character you’re using to make the post.
  • Location - Choose a location for your story and then (if another box appears) an area within that location to narrow it down. This only indicates where the story starts. If you move to other areas, you can say so in your posts, to keep the story in one thread. Or you can create new threads in each area if you prefer, including links to keep them all connected.
  • Rating - Ratings indicate the type of content in your story. G-rated stories have no sex or nudity, R-rated stories may have some nudity and softcore sexual situations, and X-rated stories involve more hardcore porn activities. You can update this later if you need to.
Then, on the right, you’ll see two text boxes:
  • Body - Use this for your IC (In Character) text - i.e. the opening story post. This is the first thing people will see in the thread, so if it's well-written, people will want to keep reading. Be descriptive as you set up the scene and your character, and make sure the text is easy to read (use clear sentences, paragraphs, punctuation, correct spelling, etc). You can also add special effects using BBCode - see the FAQ entry on Post Formatting for details.
  • OOC Notes - Use this for your OOC (Out Of Character) text (anything you want to add as the Player behind the character). It’s a very useful way to explain what you’re aiming for, which can help attract interested players. You can also use BBCode effects here.
Once you’ve finished typing, hit the Preview button to check how your post will look. You can keep updating and previewing your text as much as you need to. Then, when you’re happy with it, click the Save button and your post will be added to the relevant location for everyone to see. You can edit your post at any time by opening the story thread and clicking Edit.
Replying To Your Own StoriesIf you’re already involved in a story, replying is easy. Just open the story page and scroll down to the very bottom. You might be able to tap the End key on your keyboard to jump there quickly.
Here you must select a character on the left, and then enter your reply on the right. The Response box is for your IC (In Character) reply, while you can use OOC Notes for any Out Of Character comments you wish to add. In both cases] you can add special effects using BBCode - see the FAQ entry on Post Formatting for details.
Make sure you read the post(s) you’re replying to carefully and give an appropriate response that keeps the story moving forward (i.e. don’t just repeat what they said). For instance, we want to know what your character is thinking, saying and doing at that moment. Try to put some time and effort into your writing as well, especially if your playmates have done the same. Otherwise, if you won’t make the effort, why should they?
When you’re done, you can check your post using the Preview button, edit and preview it again if necessary, then click Save when you’re happy. You can edit your post at any time by opening the story thread and clicking Edit next to the post.
Replying To Other People’s StoriesIf you want to reply to someone else’s story, then the above process is still the same - but you need to be a bit careful first:
  • If the story’s title is marked as Open to all, this means anyone can join in. However, do read the thread and/or send a message to the story’s creator, to ensure it’s not too late. If the story’s nearly finished, for instance, there’s no point joining in.
  • If the story’s title is marked as Private or Invite Only, then you must get permission from those involved if you want to join in. Send a Private Message to the story’s creator to see if they’ll let you join in.
  • If the story’s title doesn’t give any indication, then check the opening post to see if the author has said there if it’s private or not. If they haven’t, it’s best to assume that the story’s private, so again you’ll need to contact the story’s creator.
If you do join someone else’s thread, make sure you stick to the story being told. Don’t take it in a strange direction just to satisfy yourself. They’ve given you permission to take part, so let them steer the story as they wish, unless they say otherwise. And, as always, communicate regularly with the other players as the story progresses, to make sure everyone’s having fun.
Deleting PostsIf you want a post deleted, please ask an admin to do so. For technical reasons we cannot give regular users the ability to delete their own posts, and we won't delete posts if doing so will destroy a thread for others.