Grey areas (PRIVATE)

Played by Samantha Blonde
2 years 5 months ago



My babe seems to believe everything is black and white, the metaphor extends with more and more examples of itself.

I pull out some long black material. "Here is your black"

"relax you'll love it" I blindfold her for the first time.

Let's just say instead of black and white and the infinite mix of them (no book or movie reference please)

With the moon out over the pool and no other lights out here, there is no colour.

After I lock the pool door I pick up my new "insert word here" I can't think of a word to describe her. It would take to long to choose one as she deserves one.

I carry you toward the pool.

"I want to tell you something more directly"

I stand her up at the edge of the pool, I take off my jacket, undo her blindfold.

I simultaneously both push her in, as I fall in with her, but that moment was not a second it felt like a figure 8, I have been here before. We are the same.

From the moment we were falling to the moment we were both wet, was long enough to say "I love you Lydia"

OOC Notes

lol please unsee in your mind - at least its an insight, there are many sides to me as I guess the same for you,