Zasha's Date



Generally I avoid most of the glamour of the main floor of the casino unless I'm working, standing at 6'2" I wasn't easy to miss, I must've been one of the tallest girls in Lacy Place... That term took some getting used to, 'girl' I still feel the old aches from the surgeries...phantom pain almost. Carrying my gym bag and my pre and post workout meals I was prepped for a good day of sweat. One thing they didn't steal from me was my will to keep myself fit.

Used to fight MMA, barely remember my name it felt so long ago, four years ago...back when I was a man. Should've took the dive like they told me, pride killed the 'man' I was. Two years of painkillers hormones and surgeries and I came out like this!

Amazonian would be the American term. Fit because of my obsession with working out and staying in 'fighting' shape, that coupled with my Russian upbringing and the accent apparently I was intimidating. Yet I still get these men trying to come on to me...I learned to accept that the way I was molded all that attention was unavoidable. And being a mafia 'toy' for a year and a half really forced me to develop a thick skin for such things.

Finding my locker I greeted few of the girls, or rather 'gurls'. Lacy Place was where I came to after escaping, a very welcoming home for someone like me to make a living...technically I was a non-person my old self declared dead so there was nothing to go back to and the way I looked and sounded...I was too ashamed to try. Still I grew to like it here even got a job working security. The few I've met were very kind, welcoming, accepting was then I had decided that NO ONE would screw with these gurls or this Casino, not while I was standing.

Going out into the gym and to the yoga matts I was struck by the woman that stared back at me in the mirror...and I WAS all woman there was no denying that. Never would've thought that I would like what I see in the mirror but I am rather attractive. First I'd do some stretches and warm ups didn't need to pull any muscles by the time I got to my free weights.

Better yet were all the customers and employee's to feast my eyes on as I worked up a good sweat.