Naughty Needs Toystore

Welcome to

Naughty Needs

An adult store for the guys and gals of Lacy Place to discover and explore.
Here you'll find any and all your adult needs, from lube to full bondage apparatus's.
We here at Naughty Needs understand that everyone has different tastes so we cater to male females and those special few finding themselves in between.

We provide a large collection featuring PVC latex, leather, silicone and metal wares, we sell nothing but the finest quality products.

In the event that our customers are unsure we host Exhibition events to showcase many of our products, Lacy Place being so kind as to provide willing and eager volunteers. Why not ask our head cashier and store clerk Wynne Snoe.

For in store explorations feel free to rent out 'play rooms' ranging from dungeons to romantic lace filled boudoirs , all fully equipped and well maintained by our staff.

Financed By Mr/Ms Delecoix.

OOC:Note post in the SalesFloor(below) or PM me and I can open up a thread to see to your needs until I further upgrade the shop)

Clerk and Cashier Uniforms:

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The White Room (Naughty Needs Toystore)

The White Room.

This is the white room, a playroom above the notorious Naughty needs store. This room is built specifically for ‘virgin’ customer and employees. The room is meant to ‘introduce’ new girls to a variety of toys, all of beginner levels and types, nothing too extreme, entry-level toys. This means the sizes, the restraints the outfits and even the ‘extra’s’ are specifically chosen for FIRSTS.

Sales Floor (Naughty Needs)

"HI." A wave with cheerful grin "I'm wynne welcome to the sales floor of Naughty needs, if you need anything anything at ALL please feel free to ask me." I curtsy happily and tilt my head.

"Mr. Clark Delecoix, the owner is a brilliant engineer and has developed most of our more unique stock, and even takes custom orders, he REALLY loves his work." I happily explain, nervously tugging at my barely there uniform.

Velvet Room (Naughty Needs Toystore 2nd floor) Reservation only

The Velvet room, the premier exhibition room of Naughty Needs Toystore. Built to entertain and showcase all of the stores more popular selections. Complementary drinks and are provided including privacy for its clients. It is meant for group showings and is stocked for all eventualities including a full wardrobe.

Staff are provided and encouraged to model and sample the products for prospective customer. Service is more than just a smile in the velvet room, its going above beyond and sometimes inside *giggle*

Welcome to the Velvet Room

Naughty Needs Playrooms (second floor Office)

"Hello," I say with a wicked giggle, laying back in my relciner near a wall of keys "I'm Cybbil, and this is the playhouse." I gesture to the large room and the many doors branching off this chique space "We rent out space to customers wanting to test out our naughtier products, with their partner or an employee of your choice..." I smirk and then point to the wall of photo's behind me of all our employees.