Mistress Monique's School For Maids.


To Mistress Monique's School For Maids. I am Mistress Monique. I am the head mistress of the school.
Together with Mistress Kathy, we provide a service to the hotel by offering a comprehensive training course for sissies who think that they want to be maids.
This course for this school is long and comprehensive and involve extensive training in ...

1. Pain Tolerance
2. Humiliation
3. Complete Sexual Subversive Training
4. Sexual Training Of All Types
5. Maid Training And Attending
6. Turndown Service
7. Party Attendance

If you have a sissy who you think deserves maid training - or are yourself a sissy who thinks you want to be a maid - then send a PM to Moniquee or Kathy Lynn and we will respond with a question form to evaluate your worthiness.
One note to mention - we have a less than 25 percent graduation rate because some sissies just don't have it to complete the course. So beware - if you start - we will challenge you, your posting diligence and your tolerance for pain - submissive feeling - and humiliation.

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