Steel Horse Saloon - Lower Level



I touch my finger to the jello in the pit once more, pleased by it's consistency, amused by how it jiggles.

"Perfect! It's just right!"

Miss K9 would be so proud of me!

I hang up a clipboard by the bar that holds the Steel Horse Jello/Mud Wrestling entry forms. Posted just above it are the rules for the competitions.

THE RULES: A Few Words on Jello, Mud, and Other Fun Things For Girls To Play In!
Steel Horse Jello/Mud Wrestling is...well, it's exactly what it sounds like: a game of skill and messy, sexy fun in squishy substances! The field is wide open for anyone who wants to participate, and we are always looking better meet the needs of different competitors. To that end, we run two different types of competitions here - the "Heavyweight" division, and the "Daintyweight" division. Despite their names, these divisions have no weight limits (you can actually participate in both if you'd like), but instead differ in aim and rules.


The Heavyweight Division is intended for those noble sportswomen who wish to focus on the actual competitive aspect of Jello/Mud Wrestling, and who are willing to play a bit rougher with each other. The competitors will wrestle each other over the course of five rounds, each being five minutes in length. A competitor wins a match in one of three ways:

1. Their opponent surrenders
2. Their opponent is ruled unable to continue by the referee
3. In the event that the match goes the distance, the fighter who scored the most points will win

How are points scored, you ask? One of three ways:

1. A fighter performs a takedown
2. A fighter applies a hold that demonstrates control over the opponent
3. A fighter performs any move that draws the approval of the crowd (in the event of a smaller crowd, these points will be awarded at referee discretion)

What draws the approval of the crowd. Well, it could be anything. The combat style is almost anything goes, so you have a lot of options. A traditional technique applied impressively would certainly do the trick. But people don't just watch jello/mud wrestling to see the expert combat skills of it's competitors! Disrobing your opponent or applying certain special holds are a surefire way to rack up the points!

There are a few techniques banned during matches:

1. No eye gouging
2. No hair pulling
3. No vicious biting (a gentle nibble in the right spots is fine...if in doubt, use your lips more than your teeth ;-))
4. No punching
5. No foreign objects
6. No restraining your opponent with your or their ring gear


The Heavyweight Division focuses on serious competition. The Daintyweight Division can certainly be competitive in it's own right, but it's primary purpose is for girls who want to put on a fun show - for themselves, their opponents, and their audience!

The rules are mostly the same, but there are two notable differences:

1. The matches are all three rounds long, each being three minutes in length
2. Points are scored only by drawing the approval of the crowd

Have fun, girls!