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Want to Watch? Want to Meet in Person? Or want to have a little Treasured Keepsake/Memento? I offer ALL Three! Be it Virtual Titilation/Fantasy, an RL Encounter you shan`t Forget [with Me or one of my Gurl-Friends] or a Pair of my Delicates!

This is Fantasy Land & I'll be your every Wish! So turn-on that computer, make that Booking or Order those Naughty Panties! I'll be Waiting, ready to make your Dreams come True! ~Giggle

-Kinky Minx

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☉ Cam Slut! >Kinky Minx™
Esc☿rt Service! *NEW*
ღy Worn Knickers!






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Hiya! I`m Kinky Minx! I work in the Hospitality Industry but i have a Naughty Secret! ...I Love Selling my Worn Knickers online! I Love the thought of you `Dirty` Guys & Girls [& Gurls] appreciating my `Delicates`! I`m a Young [Professional/Discrete] Gurl with a little something Extra! Ever Tasted that `Forbidden Fruit`/Smelt a RL T-Gurl? Wanna slip yourself into a Pair of my [Fave] Knickers & Indulge yourself in some Sexy Bliss? Maybe we can CAM whilst you`re Wearing them?~Giggle