What is the Lacy Place?

The Lacy Place is a Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Forced Feminization Forum (MPORFFF). Men transformed into Women work (and live) in an indentured servitude to a casino just off the Las Vegas strip. The stories, economy and dynamics are created completely by the community and how you decide to play your character is entirely up to you.

Unlike other Role-Playing forums at Locked in Lace, The Lacy Place is an experiment in a wiki-like Role Playing universe. The community is expected to find voids that need to be filled and then create the content and volunteer effort to fill those holes. (All sounds pretty dirty when you think of it).

For example: a player may see that there is no one offering turn down service in the hotel. They might create a thread that advertises their character's service in such a capacity, and then begin selling 'her' services. As this 'business' expands, she can then open up her own 'turn down' service company, hire (or coerce) additional employees, and begin creating her own little kingdom inside this grand role playing environment.

Just a reminder: There are just a few simple 'hard-and-fast' rules to remember in this universe.
A.)There is no Magic or Advanced Science Fiction in this game. This is set in a universe very much like our own (with very minor exceptions made for some of the transformation process itself).
B.)Only females (or men dressed and LIVING as females) may be employed by the casino. Males may stay and visit/gamble, but should they get into debt they will need to begin transitioning to women to get back out.
C.) In addition we ask that you stay within the context of the site. We prefer not to have to restrict any writing at all, but should your writing lead the forums or a thread down a direction that hinders others fun, you will be reigned in.

The main rules of LIL apply as well:
1.) All characters (and players) must be 18 years of age.
2.) No incest, beastiality or pedophilia in stories, threads, or messages.
3.) Respect everyone on this site.
The main goal is for everyone to have fun, and pool their creative and feminine energy toward a fun and exciting community.

So slip into a nice pair of panties and lets begin your adventures.