Gelding the Lily

GELDING THE LILLY! FINALLY...My own vision for flowers and gifts has arrived. I know the name of the shop sounds odd...even misspoken. Since the money for buying all the supplies and materials to open wasn't on hand at the start, my shop had to 'borrow' with a bridge loan. I thanked my lucky stars to have found the loan in the first place, but then I realized that my lender was a Leprechaun of sorts. My counting of clover leaves should have stopped at three instead of four. So what did the Leprechaun first born like Rumplestiltskin? No...just a constant mockery of me! Well aware of my chemically castrated state...the Leprechaun insisted on the choosing of the name of the shop to have something 'Neutered' in the title. Hence, 'Gilding the Lilly' had become 'Gelding the Lilly.' I was in a bit of a 'bind', so there was little I could do about it. The little fellow scampered away with 100 chips that I eventually raised, and he had left his mark on me.

That was not a story I often told. There was also no need to dwell on it. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and charms hardly a day passed when I looked backwards. There were happy occasions to share ... there was joy to spread ... beauty to admire in the world!

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