Characters - Creating & Tracking Your Own

Remember, you must register and login as a Player, through our Main site, before you can create a Character here. You can create as many characters as you like in your account, but if you're new we recommend doing just one to begin with.

Note: If you played a character on the old site or temporary forums, you don't need to start over. Just set up your character using the instructions below, and you can then continue your story here on the new site, from where you left off. It's still the same game you know and love.

To create a character, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Create a Character on the right. See below for an explanation of the form.

To see a character's threads, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and either:

  • Click My Characters on the right, then click the character's image to see their profile. At the bottom of their profile is their list of threads; or
  • Click Track Content on the right, then click My Recent Content above the list of threads.
To edit a character, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click My account on the right. You'll be taken to your Lacy account page, which includes a full list of your characters - just click the relevant image to see that character's profile, where you'll find an Edit tab for making changes.

When creating or editing a character's details, you'll see a form asking for the following information. Take your time filling it in, and remember to click Save at the bottom:

Note: This differs from the level of force you can specify under My Account. That option applies to you as a player, and determines the type of content you see in certain areas of the site.
NameEnter your character's name here. It doesn't have to be unique - different characters can share the same name, even those created by different players.
GenderMale and Female are hopefully self-explanatory!
An In-Between character is a man in the process of being feminized.
A Transitioned Female is a former man who is now fully female.
Amount of
Forced Feminization
For each character, you can specify the level of force you'd prefer for their story, which will help you to meet like-minded people on site. So, do you want the character to receive (for subs) or give out (for doms) either little/no force, or a lot?
On the forums, every character's preference is indicated by an icon below their avatar:
= Little/No force is preferred
= A Lot of force is preferred
Personality TypeYou must specify whether your character is submissive or dominant, or a mixture of the two (a switch). For more info on these terms, take a look at the Wikipedia article on Dominance and submission.
On the forums, every character's personality type is indicated by an icon below their avatar:
= Submissive
= Dominant
= Switch
Current JobIf your character hasn't started work yet, select None. When they do start work, you can change this accordingly.
TitleYou can enter a more specific job title here, up to 255 characters long.
Character ImageThis image - called an avatar - represents your character on the site, so it's highly recommended. Click Browse to select a picture on your computer, then click Upload to add it to your profile.
Parent Terms & Weight
Do NOT use this section! It's of no use to you, and we're trying to hide it. If you select a character name in Parent Terms, your character will become a 'child' of them, in software terms - meaning if that parent character is deleted (even if it's by another player), your character will go too! The Weight box here is not for your character's weight either - use the box further down for that.
SizesThese will vary depending on the gender you selected, so you may be able to tell us your character's chest, breasts, waist, hips, penis, height and weight. If you don't know what values to enter, you could measure your own body and use those results. You may also find it useful to search for clothing size charts and unit conversions.
Hair & EyesThese characteristics are self-explanatory.
Apparent AgeIn a game like this, with makeovers and feminization, a character's age might not be obvious. So it's up to you if your character is honest about their age, or if they want to give the impression they're younger/older. Just remember, all characters must be, and appear to be, at least 18 years old. A character can still wear childish clothes, but it must be obvious they're an adult doing it.
DescriptionYou can further describe your character here - and the more detail you can give, the better. You can add effects to your text using BBCode or HTML - these are discussed later in the FAQ. It's not essential though, standard text is fine.
Signature ImageThe signature appears next to every post you make as the character. To upload a picture, click Browse to find and select it on your computer, then click Upload to add it to your profile. Tips on finding and editing images are given later in this FAQ.
Signature TextYou can add text to your signature here. For help with adding effects (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects and Colors. Please do not add images using this text box - use the upload box above instead, as we can only allow 1 image in your signature for formatting reasons.
OOC NotesHere you can - and should - list your fantasies and limits, so that other players know what you do and don't like. Please don't say you'll do anything - it's very unhelpful. It's much easier to help you have fun if we know what buttons to push!

Again, remember to click Save at the end!