Players - Registration & Login

You must always login via the Main site - - to access any of our games. It's the central portal that gives you access to everything we offer, and also has some fun extras of its own. So you'll need to set up an account there if you haven't already. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Main site’s Home page and click Create New Account below the login boxes.
  2. A form will appear. Enter a username and email address, and answer the question to prove you're not a spammer. Then click Create New Account. You'll get an email to say the account has been created.
  3. Wait patiently for an admin to approve your account. This usually takes a few hours, but can be up to a day or two if we're busy.
  4. You'll then get an email with a special login link. Click it and you'll go to your account page. You must set a password here and click Save at the bottom of the page, otherwise you'll be locked out!
If you've done that, and you can log in successfully, you can now create your character(s) (see the Character Creation FAQ for help. Or, if you're having trouble, visit the Account Registration FAQ on the Main site for further help.

Note: When you want to log out from LiL, you can do so from within Lacy, just by clicking Log Out on the right hand side of the Lacy Place Home Page. It will log you out from all our sites, not just Lacy.