What is The Lacy Place?

Click here to watch the intro video from the old site - but ignore the link at the end of it, as it no longer works.

The Lacy Place is an online, multi-player, role-playing game. It's part of Locked In Lace, a group of sites dedicated to the world of forced feminization. We hope you enjoy yourself here! :D

You must register and login on our Main site - https://lockedinlace.com/main/ - to play here. The Main site also gives access to our other games, forums, captions, stories, live chat and more. You can return to the Main site at any time by clicking the LiL logo at the top right of any page here in Lacy.

The Lacy Place is a fictional casino just off the Las Vegas strip. Its guests are served by the sexy female employees - but they are actually men who have been feminized and forced to work there. This is often because the man has got into debt with the casino, and has to work there to pay it back. But there can be other reasons too. In any case, the dominant managers make sure the employees do their jobs well.

To get involved, you create a character and tell their story, by interacting with other characters, who are played by our other users. The game has a very basic structure to get you going - but what happens beyond that is up to you and the community. For instance, you can add things like shops and services if you feel there's something missing.

You can even choose how much 'force' you see here, as we know different people have different tastes. To do this, click My Account on the Lacy Place Home Page, and you'll see the appropriate option under Amount of Force Preferred. By selecting either 'A Little' or 'A Lot', some content on the site will change (e.g. the tasks suggested in each location in the game). You can also select a similar option for each of your Characters, to signify how much force you want their story to involve (see the Character FAQs later for info).

So there's a lot of freedom for storytelling - but there are a few simple rules and concepts you need to be aware of. Please see the next few FAQ entries for details.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact one of our friendly admins. who will gladly help you. They help to look after the site on behalf of its owners - Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter.

Thank you to all our users for helping LiL and the Lacy Place to survive and be exciting for so many years. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! :D