The Night Life


The thumping of the bass and upbeat music seems to give you a shot of adrenaline. Despite the moon shining in the sky, the bright lights ward off any signals to your body that it is late. The place seems more alive at this time of night than at any other time. Strobe lights provide millisecond glimpses into a packed club, with the silhouette of men and women bumping and grinding against one another. While a few people line up outside, you notice that most people seem to have no problem getting past the bouncer, when they walk in with girls who are crammed into tight dresses, with proportions similar to all the girls who seem to work at The Lacy Place.

Opposite that is a smaller area with a stage surrounded by rows of chairs. On the stage are a number of girls rehearsing for a play. Despite their modest clothing, relatively speaking, it is obvious these girls are employees of the casino. Around them, various stage and set designs are being moved onto the stage. It is unclear if they are setting up or just transitioning between shows. You can barely hear the lines being rehearsed, but they peak your interest none the less.

A few girls in skimpy performance outfits hang outside the entrance to a theater. The words "burlesque" glow brightly above like a flame to lost moths. They hand out tickets and seem eager to talk with anyone passing by. They giggle as they catch your gaze. Their long legs stretch for miles, and the outfits show off incredibly fit bodies. One girl does a small shimmy, and another has no issue with letting you know her outfit is being held together by some strategically placed velcro.

Further along, you enter a well-known "hot spot" for action in The Lacy Place. Despite the reputation, none of the lights are actually red. Girls lounge or stand, each one provocative in her own way. With the pretense stripped away; each look, smile, and body movement has a completed heightened sense of sex appeal to it. Some girls hang back, while other have no reservations about introducing herself to you.

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