Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Lacy Place! This FAQ has lots of important help and advice, so please take your time looking through it. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask an experienced player or an admin. We hope you have fun here! :)

Click here to watch the intro video from the old site - but ignore the link at the end of it, as it no longer works.

The Lacy Place is an online, multi-player, role-playing game. It's part of Locked In Lace, a group of sites dedicated to the world of forced feminization. We hope you enjoy yourself here! :D

You must register and login on our Main site - - to play here. The Main site also gives access to our other games, forums, captions, stories, live chat and more. You can return to the Main site at any time by clicking the LiL logo at the top right of any page here in Lacy.

The Lacy Place is a fictional casino just off the Las Vegas strip. Its guests are served by the sexy female employees - but they are actually men who have been feminized and forced to work there. This is often because the man has got into debt with the casino, and has to work there to pay it back. But there can be other reasons too. In any case, the dominant managers make sure the employees do their jobs well.

To get involved, you create a character and tell their story, by interacting with other characters, who are played by our other users. The game has a very basic structure to get you going - but what happens beyond that is up to you and the community. For instance, you can add things like shops and services if you feel there's something missing.

You can even choose how much 'force' you see here, as we know different people have different tastes. To do this, click My Account on the Lacy Place Home Page, and you'll see the appropriate option under Amount of Force Preferred. By selecting either 'A Little' or 'A Lot', some content on the site will change (e.g. the tasks suggested in each location in the game). You can also select a similar option for each of your Characters, to signify how much force you want their story to involve (see the Character FAQs later for info).

So there's a lot of freedom for storytelling - but there are a few simple rules and concepts you need to be aware of. Please see the next few FAQ entries for details.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact one of our friendly admins. who will gladly help you. They help to look after the site on behalf of its owners - Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter.

Thank you to all our users for helping LiL and the Lacy Place to survive and be exciting for so many years. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! :D

To get started at the Lacy Place, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Register and login on the Main site

The Main site is the central home of Locked In Lace, and you must always login there. When you're here in the Lacy Place, you can return to the Main site at any time by clicking the LiL logo at the top right of the page.

See the Account Registration FAQ for more information.

2. Get a basic understanding of our core rules and key concepts

The most important things are to show respect for other players, communicate regularly with your playmates to ensure everyone's having fun, and understand IC vs OOC (In Character vs Out Of Character). There must be no under-18s, bestiality or incest anywhere on site either.

You can also post on the OOC Bulletin Board here, or use the Chat program and discussions forum over on the Main site, to get to know people and ask questions about the site, before you dive into anything.

See the Game Rules FAQ and the Key Concepts & Advice FAQ for more information.

3. Create your character's initial profile

Before you can post any stories, you need to create a character profile. You will then be able to select that character when you post. You can update your character's information as your story progresses. So, to start with, just create your character in the way they will start the story.

If you're going to be submissive, then we recommend you start your character as a male, so he can then be feminized to become a girl. You can skip the feminization if you wish, but it's a hugely important part of any forced fem story, so it's well worth doing it properly. Later you can then decide what job your character will take on (e.g. receptionist, waitress, maid, showgirl, shop girl, masseur, etc). Lydia has put together a great Jobs Guide to tell you about the positions on offer. But get your introduction story done first.

If you're going to be dominant, then you have a few options. You could be a client or customer, who visits the casino to play the games, use the facilities and be served by the girls. Or you could be an instructor, who helps to train and discipline the girls to do their job properly. Or you could be a manager who helps to oversee a particular area of the casino, keeping an eye on the instructors and the girls, and giving out training and discipline as well.

See the Character Creation FAQ for more information.

Once your profile is set up, we also recommend posting in the registry with a detailed description as well. It's not essential, but people will go there looking for further information about you and your character, so it's worth doing.

4. Start your story

The best way to start is by having your character arrive at the Front Desk. Try to write a post that is descriptive - e.g. what your character looks like, a bit of their backstory, why they've come to the casino, etc). The more interesting your post is, the more likely it is that people will want to play with you.

You then need to be patient while you wait for someone to come and greet you. This could take a day or two, perhaps longer. Don't leave it any more than a week though, otherwise your thread will get buried in the list. If you're worried that nobody's turning up, make a post on the OOC Bulletin Board asking for help.

The traditional story for new submissives involves the male character being tricked into debt, by playing a game that's rigged so he'll lose. The Set For Life slot machines are most commonly used for this. He then has to work at the casino to pay off his debt - but they only employ girls, so he has to be feminized first. The new girl may be working there for quite a while, as these debts aren't cheap!

There are other possibilities as well, but if you're looking for an opening story, that one is most common, as we used it on the previous version of the site.

See the Story Posting FAQ for more information.

5. Next Steps

The person who helps you with your intro will be able to advise where to go next and what to do. Use Private Messages to communicate with them and ask any questions you need to. If you're also using the Chat and forum features over on the Main site to make even more friends, then they can help you too.

See the Useful Story Links FAQ for more links that might be useful as you get into your story.

That's it! Once you start settling in, things will happen more quickly and naturally. So just take your time to begin with, there's no rush. And have fun! :)

We don’t have many rules here, but those we do have are essential, so please make sure you understand them. If any of them are unclear, please don’t be afraid to contact one of the admins for further help.

First, there are LiL's 3 Core Rules, which apply to all our sites:

Over-18s onlyLiL is a strictly adult environment. Therefore, all players and their characters must be at least 18 years old, and you must not involve children or pregnancies in any posts, stories, images, videos, etc. Any children mentioned by a character must be elsewhere outside the casino, and not directly involved in the scene taking place.
No bestiality,
pedophilia or incest
These are illegal and are not welcome here.
Respect everyone
on the site
Please help us keep the site friendly, welcoming and fun, by respecting other users. For instance:
  • All players are equal, regardless of their characters. No player has authority over any other (except the admins).
  • Everyone can play as they wish, within the core rules and game context. Don't force your preferences on others.
  • Ensure everyone knows there's a friendly player behind your character, doubly so if your character is an evil type.
  • Don't interrupt threads or spam the forums to try and get attention. It won't go down well with other users.
  • Report anyone who is breaking the rules to the admins, so they can check it out properly.
Also, The Lacy Place is set in the real world, which means:
Characters must be humanThis means no non-humans like furries, vampires, zombies, etc. But a character can still dress and act like something unusual (e.g. fancy dress, pony play, etc), as long as it's clear that's all they're doing. And normal animals can be kept as pets, as long as they can't speak, think or act like a human.
No magicCharacters may have a belief in magic, but real magic cannot happen. Rituals or ceremonies should also be kept private. But characters can still perform fake tricks for entertainment e.g. stage magicians.
No sci-fiFuturistic and alien technology is prohibited, to keep things as real as we can. We do make some exception for advanced technology used for feminization purposes, but it must have a sensible basis in real science and exist in the real world in some form. We may rein things in if we feel they go too far.
Note: You can play magic and sci-fi stories outside Lacy by visiting the Main site's Magic & Sci-Fi forum.

And finally, here are some controversial story subjects we’ve previously been asked to give our advice on. This may help you decide if an idea you have is suitable or not. But if you have concerns about a story idea that isn’t listed here, do feel free to contact an admin for advice. They’ll be happy to advise you.

Adult BabiesAdult characters may dress up and act like babies or children - provided they make it absolutely clear that the character is over 18 years old, e.g. in their profiles or registry entries. It may also be a good idea to add an OOC clarification to threads that involve that type of play, or to the character's signature, to warn people who want to avoid such stories. More detailed explanation and advice can be found in this thread.
Medical PlayCharacters that specialize in medical roles are of course allowed and encouraged, and can treat other characters - with the relevant player's OOC consent of course. And some advanced technology can be used for treatments, as long there is some basis in real science and it's used sensibly (we can rein things in if they go too far).
Please Note: If you have a real-life medical issue, please see a real-life medical professional for advice. Never seek or prescribe treatments on this site, as we cannot guarantee people's safety. Any medical advice you do follow from users here is at your own risk.
Mind ControlCharacters can be controlled and manipulated by methods such as hypnosis, if agreed OOC between those involved. However, mind-reading (telepathy) is strongly discouraged.
It is assumed that characters cannot read each other's private thoughts, just as in real-life, so it can confuse and upset other players if you seem to do so. Your character can give the impression they can read minds, but perhaps they're really using body language, bugging devices, etc.
ReligionsCharacters and players are free to have religious or spiritual beliefs, provided everyone is respectful towards one another. Please do not preach or force your beliefs on to others here, and keep roleplayed rituals, ceremonies, etc relatively private and to a sensible level, so others can avoid them if they wish.
That said, celebrations of major public festivals (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) are very much allowed and encouraged throughout the site, as many non-religious people enjoy them too.
ViolenceCharacters can have violent encounters - provided there is OOC agreement between the players involved. Never force a violent scene on to another player, never write another character's actions or responses for them, and never cross another player's limits. Players and characters should always have the option to avoid violent encounters if they wish to.

Before you dive in, there are a few important things to understand - these will really help you to fit in, make friends and avoid upsetting people. So we strongly recommend reading the following carefully. It may seem like a lot to take in, but most of it's common sense, about communicating clearly and showing respect for other users.

If any of the above topics contain anything you don't understand, do ask an experienced player or one of the admins, who will be happy to help you.

These videos may also help (adapted from our forced fem and role-play etiquette essays):

The Lacy Place may look big and confusing, but it’s easy to get around, and many functions are the same across different areas. So here’s a quick guide to the main links and common features you’ll see throughout the site.

On every page of the site, you’ll always see a banner with 2 logos:

  • Click the Lacy Place logo at any time to return to the Lacy Place Home Page
  • Click the Locked In Lace logo to return to LiL’s Main site. Remember you must register and login at the Main Site in order to use Lacy.

Below the logos are tabs for the various areas of the site. If you can’t see them (particularly on mobile devices), you should see a Menu link instead, which you can click to reveal the options.

HomeTakes you to Lacy’s Home page. From here you can create characters, check your Private Messages, see who’s online, and much more. If there’s something there you don’t understand, it’ll be explained somewhere in this FAQ.
AboutTells you about the game, please do read it.
StoriesPoint to the Stories tab without clicking, and a menu will drop down revealing all the different locations. Or click the tab to see a single forum showing stories from all areas. There’s detailed help on Stories later in this FAQ.
The MallAllows you to visit stores created by other players, and open new stores of your own. This is all described later in the FAQ.
OOC DiscussionsA forum to talk Out Of Character (i.e. as players), post bulletin notices, etc.
FAQTakes you to our Help page, which you’re reading right now...
BookmarksShows you the content you've bookmarked. To bookmark something on the site (e.g. a story), just open the thread and click Bookmark at the top of the first post. To remove the bookmark, go back to the page you bookmarked, or to the Bookmarks tab, and click Remove Bookmark.
DiariesAllows you to write a diary/blog for your character.
On the Home Page itself, you'll see lots of important links on the right of the page:
My AccountTakes you to your account page, where you can access all sorts of useful information, including detail on all your characters, and even access your Main site profile.
Create A CharacterThis is where you set up your character profiles. Go here for detailed help.
Full Character ListLists all characters on the site. Click a name to view their profile and list of threads, or a picture to see a large version. Click the column headings to sort the list
Start A StoryAllows you to create a thread in any of the story forums. See the Story Posting FAQ for details.
Diary EntryAllows you to post a new diary entry.
Create Banner AdAllows you to create adverts to display in certain areas of the casino, for a week at a time. See the Banner Ads FAQ for details.
Track ContentAllows you to track all content on the site, or your own content (use the buttons at the top of the page to switch between the two). Click a thread name to open it, new post indicators to jump to the most recent comments in a thread, author names to visit their account pages, and column headings to sort the list.
Log OutLogs you out of LiL, including the Main site and this Lacy site.
Private MessagesThese options let you communicate privately with other players. See here for detailed help.
Who's OnlineTells you who's online right now. Click a name to view that player's profile page and list of characters.
Popular ContentLists the most active and popular topics on the site at the moment. Just click a topic to visit it.
There are a few links on the left of the Home page too:
Bug ReportsIf you find any bugs in the new Lacy, please use our Bug Reports page on the Main site to let us know. Make sure your bug hasn't already been reported first, and make sure any reports you make specify that it is a Lacy Place bug. Be descriptive too - tell us what you were doing and what happened, including any error messages. It really helps us.
MagazineThe Magazine features articles on all sorts of things, all written by various members of Lacy. A direct link to the latest issue is shown on the Home page, and just below it is a link to the archive showing all past issues. If you want to get involved with the Magazine, contact Jacqueline.
DonationLocked In Lace is provided free of charge, but it isn't cheap to keep it running, and a lot of work has gone into it. So if you're really enjoying yourself here, and want the site to keep running in its current, advert-free form, please consider donating towards the costs. Every little helps, and we'll be very grateful!

All the other parts of the site are explained later in the FAQ. But here are some common options you’ll see in most of them:

Character & Player NamesWherever you see a Character or Player name - e.g in an index or next to a post they’ve made - you can click it to see their Profile, giving you information about that Character or Player. Visiting a Player's profile in particular gives you various options - e.g. to send them a Private Message, view their Character profiles, view their posts, and view their Main site profile.
Character & Player Force LevelsBelow the picture of each character on the forums, you'll see a couple of little icons. These represent the level of force the player is happy to tolerate in their stories, particularly for that character. Hover over the icon for a tooltip to explain what it means.
Opening ThreadsThreads are basically conversations, with the replies shown one after the other as you scroll down the page. You’ll see this with Stories and Private Messages, and in various other places. In any case, you simply open a thread by clicking its title. Or, if you’re on a page showing you a preview of the thread’s opening post, you can click Read More below the preview to do the same thing.
Reading New CommentsIf a thread has received new posts since you last opened it, it will be indicated next to it (e.g. 5 new comments). This is actually a link - simply click it to jump to the first new reply.
Posting RepliesIf you open a thread and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see there are two boxes for you to reply with - one for In Character (IC) story text, and one for Out Of Character (OOC) remarks by you as the Player. See the Story Posting FAQ entry for details. Just make sure you don’t interrupt private stories - if in doubt, ask the thread owner if you can join in.
If you’re on a page where you can see the summary of a thread’s opening post. you can also click the Add new comment button, which will take you to a page to type your reply. In this case, however, you won’t see the other posts in the thread at the same time, so opening the thread first is usually better.
For help with adding effects to your text (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects, Colors, Images and Videos. Note that you cannot add effects in OOC (Out Of Character) boxes.
Deleting PostsIf you want a post deleted, please ask an admin to do so. For technical reasons we cannot give regular users the ability to delete their own posts, and we won't delete posts if doing so will destroy a thread for others.
And that’s it - those are the most basic functions you need to use the site. So have fun exploring! :D

You must always login via the Main site - - to access any of our games. It's the central portal that gives you access to everything we offer, and also has some fun extras of its own. So you'll need to set up an account there if you haven't already. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Main site’s Home page and click Create New Account below the login boxes.
  2. A form will appear. Enter a username and email address, and answer the question to prove you're not a spammer. Then click Create New Account. You'll get an email to say the account has been created.
  3. Wait patiently for an admin to approve your account. This usually takes a few hours, but can be up to a day or two if we're busy.
  4. You'll then get an email with a special login link. Click it and you'll go to your account page. You must set a password here and click Save at the bottom of the page, otherwise you'll be locked out!
If you've done that, and you can log in successfully, you can now create your character(s) (see the Character Creation FAQ for help. Or, if you're having trouble, visit the Account Registration FAQ on the Main site for further help.

Note: When you want to log out from LiL, you can do so from within Lacy, just by clicking Log Out on the right hand side of the Lacy Place Home Page. It will log you out from all our sites, not just Lacy.

To access your own Lacy account details, click My account on the right-hand side of the Lacy Place Home Page.

To see the profile of another user, click the Player name - not a Character's name - anywhere in Lacy.

Either way, you'll see two tabs of information for all players, including yourself:

  • View - Contains the most important information, including the chips that player has earned, a link to their diary/blog entries, a link to send the player a Private Message, and a list of each person's Characters (click on the image of each character to see more info on them). You'll also see a link to that user's central account page on our Main site - for more about that, see the Account Information FAQ over on the Main site.
  • Track - Displays a list of all the threads the user has been involved in. Just click a link to see the thread.

In addition, for your own profile only, you'll have a few extra options:

  • Amount of Force Preferred - Some people want little/no force, while others want a lot of it. By default, your account will be set to 'a little' - but you can change it to A Lot by using the link here. Your choice will affect some of the content you see around Lacy - e.g. the tasks suggested in each location - so that the game is customised just for you. You'll always see everyone's story threads though.
  • Edit Tab - Here you can turn Private Messages on or off, and set your time zone. Other basic information for your account (username, password, email address, etc) is only editable via your Main site profile, which you can access via the View tab.
  • Chips Tab - Displays information about the Chips that you've earned by posting in the Stories area.

Remember, you must register and login as a Player, through our Main site, before you can create a Character here. You can create as many characters as you like in your account, but if you're new we recommend doing just one to begin with.

Note: If you played a character on the old site or temporary forums, you don't need to start over. Just set up your character using the instructions below, and you can then continue your story here on the new site, from where you left off. It's still the same game you know and love.

To create a character, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Create a Character on the right. See below for an explanation of the form.

To see a character's threads, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and either:

  • Click My Characters on the right, then click the character's image to see their profile. At the bottom of their profile is their list of threads; or
  • Click Track Content on the right, then click My Recent Content above the list of threads.
To edit a character, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click My account on the right. You'll be taken to your Lacy account page, which includes a full list of your characters - just click the relevant image to see that character's profile, where you'll find an Edit tab for making changes.

When creating or editing a character's details, you'll see a form asking for the following information. Take your time filling it in, and remember to click Save at the bottom:

Note: This differs from the level of force you can specify under My Account. That option applies to you as a player, and determines the type of content you see in certain areas of the site.
NameEnter your character's name here. It doesn't have to be unique - different characters can share the same name, even those created by different players.
GenderMale and Female are hopefully self-explanatory!
An In-Between character is a man in the process of being feminized.
A Transitioned Female is a former man who is now fully female.
Amount of
Forced Feminization
For each character, you can specify the level of force you'd prefer for their story, which will help you to meet like-minded people on site. So, do you want the character to receive (for subs) or give out (for doms) either little/no force, or a lot?
On the forums, every character's preference is indicated by an icon below their avatar:
= Little/No force is preferred
= A Lot of force is preferred
Personality TypeYou must specify whether your character is submissive or dominant, or a mixture of the two (a switch). For more info on these terms, take a look at the Wikipedia article on Dominance and submission.
On the forums, every character's personality type is indicated by an icon below their avatar:
= Submissive
= Dominant
= Switch
Current JobIf your character hasn't started work yet, select None. When they do start work, you can change this accordingly.
TitleYou can enter a more specific job title here, up to 255 characters long.
Character ImageThis image - called an avatar - represents your character on the site, so it's highly recommended. Click Browse to select a picture on your computer, then click Upload to add it to your profile.
Parent Terms & Weight
Do NOT use this section! It's of no use to you, and we're trying to hide it. If you select a character name in Parent Terms, your character will become a 'child' of them, in software terms - meaning if that parent character is deleted (even if it's by another player), your character will go too! The Weight box here is not for your character's weight either - use the box further down for that.
SizesThese will vary depending on the gender you selected, so you may be able to tell us your character's chest, breasts, waist, hips, penis, height and weight. If you don't know what values to enter, you could measure your own body and use those results. You may also find it useful to search for clothing size charts and unit conversions.
Hair & EyesThese characteristics are self-explanatory.
Apparent AgeIn a game like this, with makeovers and feminization, a character's age might not be obvious. So it's up to you if your character is honest about their age, or if they want to give the impression they're younger/older. Just remember, all characters must be, and appear to be, at least 18 years old. A character can still wear childish clothes, but it must be obvious they're an adult doing it.
DescriptionYou can further describe your character here - and the more detail you can give, the better. You can add effects to your text using BBCode or HTML - these are discussed later in the FAQ. It's not essential though, standard text is fine.
Signature ImageThe signature appears next to every post you make as the character. To upload a picture, click Browse to find and select it on your computer, then click Upload to add it to your profile. Tips on finding and editing images are given later in this FAQ.
Signature TextYou can add text to your signature here. For help with adding effects (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects and Colors. Please do not add images using this text box - use the upload box above instead, as we can only allow 1 image in your signature for formatting reasons.
OOC NotesHere you can - and should - list your fantasies and limits, so that other players know what you do and don't like. Please don't say you'll do anything - it's very unhelpful. It's much easier to help you have fun if we know what buttons to push!

Again, remember to click Save at the end!

The Stories drop-down menu takes you to various locations within Lacy. And on the home page for each location, you'll notice a few NPCs - Non-Player Characters. We've created these NPCs for general use, so they're not exclusively written by one particular player. They're designed to introduce you to each area, suggesting optional tasks and stories that you can get involved with. You can ignore them and play your own way if you prefer.

The NPCs you see will depend on how much force you prefer. To select this:

  1. Go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click My Account on the right.
  2. Under Amount of Force Preferred, you'll be offered the chance to switch your force level:
    • If you choose A Little, you'll see NPCs who are generally nice to you, using little/no force.
    • If you choose A Lot, you'll see NPCs who focus more on the forced side of things.

In any case, when you see an NPC listed for a location, you can click their name or image to see their profile, and the tasks they've created. Clicking a task will take you to a page with more detailed instructions, and you can play along by posting replies. Have a look at what other players are doing if you're not sure how to play.

You're also very welcome to interact with and talk about these characters in your own stories. Sometimes it's necessary and/or fun to have an extra person involved, even if it's only for one or two posts. Just make it clear that you're writing as the NPC rather than yourself - either by writing the character's name at the top of your post, or adding a copy of the NPC to your own character list.

Please Note: The NPCs are for everyone to use, so please do not change them beyond the description provided, else you'll destroy the character for others. Just use them as provided, there's lots you can do with them!

Stories are the main focus of the site, and naturally there are lots to read here. To find them, hover your mouse over the Stories tab at the top of the site without clicking, and a menu of locations will drop down from it.

Clicking Everywhere (or even the Stories tab itself) will show you all stories from all areas, in date order (most recent first). You can click the column headings to change the order (twice to reverse it), and jump to other pages by using the links at the bottom of the index. You can also click player names and character names to view the relevant profiles.

Each story has a Rating as well, to indicate the type of content they contain - G-rated stories have no sex or nudity, R-rated stories may have some nudity and softcore sexual situations, and X-rated stories involve more hardcore porn activities. You can click a rating next to a story to see all stories with that rating.

Clicking a location on the Stories menu will take you to the Home page for that location, which has various features:

Location descriptionThis will give you a good sense of what the area is about.
Areas in
the location
These are below the description. Click one to see only the stories for that area. Instead of a forum layout, you’ll see a preview of the opening post of each story, which can be very useful. From here you can open stories, add comments, etc in the usual way.
Banner advertOnly visible if any users have created them (see the FAQ entry on Banner Ads).
NPCs & TasksNPCs (Non-Player Characters) are supporting characters you can use to help tell your stories. They're not played by any users on the site, we've just set them up to help you out. You can refer to and use them in your stories if you wish.
Below the list of NPCs you'll find tasks that they've created. Click a task to find out more, read people's replies and add a comment of your own. You can also use these tasks to give you ideas for stories of your own in the forums.
Note: The NPCs and tasks you see will depend on the Amount of Force Preferred, as specified in your Account settings. For more about the NPCs, click here.
Latest storiesThis appears as a forum at the bottom of the page. It works just like the 'Everywhere' forum described above.
Once you're in a story thread, you'll see various options for each character, to the left of each post:
Played ByThis tells you the user writing the character. Click the name to visit that user's page, listing all their Lacy characters.
Name & Image
Click this to see the profile for that character. There may be an extra line of text below the image if a special job title has been entered for that character.
Personality Type
This is represented by an icon below their avatar:
= Submissive
= Dominant
= Switch
Force Level
This is also represented by an icon below their avatar:
= Little/No force is preferred
= A Lot of force is preferred
Reply Icon Click this to reply to that particular post. This will open up a new page for you to make your comment. It will still appear at the end of the thread like any other comment.
Private Message Icon
Click this to send a Private Message (PM) to the Player behind the character. You cannot send PMs to the characters themselves - after all, they're fictional!
Post #
(replies only)
Each reply in a thread has a number at the top of it. This is actually a permalink - a link to the individual post. To copy this link, so you can paste it elsewhere, right-click on it and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut.

The first post in each thread has a few additional options as well:
Location & RatingThese lines tell you where the story is set and how innocent or explicit it is. You can also click the location or rating to see other matching stories.
BookmarkClick this to add a link to the thread on your Bookmarks tab for easy access.
Last PostThis link is at the bottom of the first post, and takes you to the last post in the thread. The comment box for replying is just below this, so it's a handy way to jump to it.

When you get involved in a story of your own, you basically make a post as one of your Characters, then another Player posts as one of their Characters, and so on. You keep exchanging posts, building up the story bit by bit (see the FAQ entry on roleplay etiquette for further advice).

You also earn Chips for posting in the Stories area - up to a maximum of 10 Chips per day - which you can use to create stores, banner ads, etc. But please don’t spam the site just to earn them, or you will be reined in.

If you're transferring a character from the old site, you do not need to restart your story - just set up your profile and carry on posting as normal - click here for more info.
Otherwise, if you're a new player, you should start by creating a thread in the Front Desk Lobby (by clicking Start A Story on the Home page - detailed help on this is below). Try to give a good description of your character and the reasons for their arrival at the casino. The more you tell us, the more tempted people will be to play with you - but please be patient while waiting for someone to greet you.
Either way, we strongly recommend that all characters go to the Front Desk and sign the Registry so we know all about them!
Now, here’s how to create and reply to stories:
Starting New StoriesTo start a story, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Start A Story (under Quick Links).
On the form that appears, first fill in the options on the left:
  • Title - Enter a title for your story. Try to make it meaningful so other players get a sense of what it’s about. If you don’t want anybody joining in without permission, add Private or Invite Only in brackets. Or, if you’re happy for anyone to take part, add Open to all instead. You can always update this later (e.g. it's a good idea to remove the Open notice if it becomes too late for people to join).
  • Character - You must indicate which character you’re using to make the post.
  • Location - Choose a location for your story and then (if another box appears) an area within that location to narrow it down. This only indicates where the story starts. If you move to other areas, you can say so in your posts, to keep the story in one thread. Or you can create new threads in each area if you prefer, including links to keep them all connected.
  • Rating - Ratings indicate the type of content in your story. G-rated stories have no sex or nudity, R-rated stories may have some nudity and softcore sexual situations, and X-rated stories involve more hardcore porn activities. You can update this later if you need to.
Then, on the right, you’ll see two text boxes:
  • Body - Use this for your IC (In Character) text - i.e. the opening story post. This is the first thing people will see in the thread, so if it's well-written, people will want to keep reading. Be descriptive as you set up the scene and your character, and make sure the text is easy to read (use clear sentences, paragraphs, punctuation, correct spelling, etc). You can also add special effects using BBCode - see the FAQ entry on Post Formatting for details.
  • OOC Notes - Use this for your OOC (Out Of Character) text (anything you want to add as the Player behind the character). It’s a very useful way to explain what you’re aiming for, which can help attract interested players. You can also use BBCode effects here.
Once you’ve finished typing, hit the Preview button to check how your post will look. You can keep updating and previewing your text as much as you need to. Then, when you’re happy with it, click the Save button and your post will be added to the relevant location for everyone to see. You can edit your post at any time by opening the story thread and clicking Edit.
Replying To Your Own StoriesIf you’re already involved in a story, replying is easy. Just open the story page and scroll down to the very bottom. You might be able to tap the End key on your keyboard to jump there quickly.
Here you must select a character on the left, and then enter your reply on the right. The Response box is for your IC (In Character) reply, while you can use OOC Notes for any Out Of Character comments you wish to add. In both cases] you can add special effects using BBCode - see the FAQ entry on Post Formatting for details.
Make sure you read the post(s) you’re replying to carefully and give an appropriate response that keeps the story moving forward (i.e. don’t just repeat what they said). For instance, we want to know what your character is thinking, saying and doing at that moment. Try to put some time and effort into your writing as well, especially if your playmates have done the same. Otherwise, if you won’t make the effort, why should they?
When you’re done, you can check your post using the Preview button, edit and preview it again if necessary, then click Save when you’re happy. You can edit your post at any time by opening the story thread and clicking Edit next to the post.
Replying To Other People’s StoriesIf you want to reply to someone else’s story, then the above process is still the same - but you need to be a bit careful first:
  • If the story’s title is marked as Open to all, this means anyone can join in. However, do read the thread and/or send a message to the story’s creator, to ensure it’s not too late. If the story’s nearly finished, for instance, there’s no point joining in.
  • If the story’s title is marked as Private or Invite Only, then you must get permission from those involved if you want to join in. Send a Private Message to the story’s creator to see if they’ll let you join in.
  • If the story’s title doesn’t give any indication, then check the opening post to see if the author has said there if it’s private or not. If they haven’t, it’s best to assume that the story’s private, so again you’ll need to contact the story’s creator.
If you do join someone else’s thread, make sure you stick to the story being told. Don’t take it in a strange direction just to satisfy yourself. They’ve given you permission to take part, so let them steer the story as they wish, unless they say otherwise. And, as always, communicate regularly with the other players as the story progresses, to make sure everyone’s having fun.
Deleting PostsIf you want a post deleted, please ask an admin to do so. For technical reasons we cannot give regular users the ability to delete their own posts, and we won't delete posts if doing so will destroy a thread for others.

On the old Lacy Place site, we used a pre-written story called The Invitation, to help new submissives begin their journey and set up their character profiles.

Here is the full text of that story. Your own story can be based on this, or it can be completely different. But it will give you a good sense of how things work here:


The Invitation

An incredibly attractive girl at the front desk smiles and takes the invitation from your hand. As she tap-tap-taps on her keyboard, her face glows in the flickering light from her monitor. While she types you barely notice an imperceptible shake of her head as if she were lamenting your good fortune.

"Do you have the accompanying forms filled out?"

A cute frown appears as you admit you haven't then she shakes her own head again and bites her lip.

"That's okay. Just hand me your information and I'll fill out the form for you."

As you place your ID and everything else on the counter for her to use, she hands you a single $5000 token. Its weight is only matched by the way the light shines off its reddish-gold finish. Like a moth to the flame, you are completely mesmerized by the chip and the embossed feminine shape that lounges erotically on the coin. The girl on the coin seems alive and you imagine that you hear a soft voice say:

"Go ahead... I'll watch your things for you. Good luck."

You smile as you realize it's the girl behind the counter. You grin at her, even as two equally attractive\ women surround you. They each take an arm and escort you into the flash and sounds of excitement inside. Your heart races as you see a girl whose beauty puts all the rest to shame. She stands beside a velvet rope and gestures you toward her when she sees the chip in your hand. She opens the velvet barrier for you and leads you to a giant slot machine.

She kisses your cheek with a mumbled good luck before returning to her post. Even in your anxious state, you can see a trace of something in her eyes. Is it sadness, helplessness, remorse? You look down at the token again and the erotic figure on it seems to compel you, driving any other thought from your head. This token is lucky. You can feel it. The immense machine in front of you whirls and it causes your gaze to drift up. It is a very large and oversized slot machine. The bright neon-pink letters blaze out: Set for Life. A brand new convertible and a pyramid of gold bars are displayed just behind the machine. Pictures of a mansion and a speed boat adorn each side of the machine.

You take a deep breath and approach. You watch your hand slide the token into the slot. The girl on the coin almost seems to wink as she disappears into the neon beast. Your hand finds the lever. It seems to pulse in your hand, matching the rhythmic lights of the machine. Your hand finds the raised head and clutches it. You close your eyes and pull.

Time stops as the wheels whir. The lights blink. The sounds explode. A loud thunk and the first wheel stops. It shows, "SET" while the next two continue to whir faster and faster. The second one clunks to a stop. "FOR." Your heart beats as though ready to jump out of your skin. The last wheel continues: spinning, spinning, spinning. Then it stops. The thud it makes an anticlimactic end. A bright pink lipstick kiss is displayed on the final wheel. The machine goes quiet and dims. No alarms, no flashing lights, no winner. You take one last look at what could have been before sadly making your way back down out of the velvet entrapment.

The beautiful girl that ushered you in shakes her head with what can only be disdain, the veneer of pleasantness completely gone. She approaches you in a very business-like manner.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to come with us. It seems you can't financially back the bet you just made."

You look at her confused. Bet?!? The chip was part complimentary. You try and explain this, but they usher you down the hall ignoring your protests.

"If you had read the form, the ticket is for the opportunity to play the machine... the bet comes from your own finances. Your account does not have $5000 credit. Do you have the ability to pay this?"

You instinctively reach for your wallet only to find it missing. Your mind flashes back to the desk where you left it.

"I left it at the front desk."

Collectively the girls all stand silent as one of the girls checks your story by phone. She shakes her head upon returning. Your heart begins to beat a little faster. Your ID, all your credit cards, all your cash. Everything you have is gone and you've just placed $5000 worth of money you don't have.

Your face goes pale as another phone call is placed, this time to the owner of the casino. You bite your lip waiting to hear the verdict, trying to think of some way to get out of this. The girl returns with a smirk on her face.

"This happens occasionally," she says, her voice dripping with disdain, "...and the solution is for you to work off your debt. There is a bit of a problem, however. Company policy states that only females may work at the Lacy Place casino."

You look at her confused.

"I think an arrangement can be made however..."

Like a pack of wolves the girls descend upon you, tearing at your clothes, ripping them off. You try to protest and then to resist, but despite your best efforts, you find yourself naked, standing in the center of the room with half a dozen women surrounding you.

"These will get you started," the leader says. She tosses you a wig and a pink robe. "You'll need to purchase better clothing to work in. Don't worry; it'll be added to your tab."

She chuckles as you hastily put on the robe to conceal your nakedness.

"The casino will provide a small room above the shopping plaza. Its cost will be added to your tab as well. I suggest you go to the orientation center. They'll help you get better acquainted with what you're expected to do."

They wheel almost in unison and you're left, by yourself... in a pink satin robe, wondering what to do next.

In case you need a bit of help getting into your stories, here are some links you might find useful, some of which are more obvious on the site than others.

For new players, these links are particularly important:

  • FAQ - Yes, this post is part of it. But if you were given a link directly to this post, we strongly recommend checking out the rest of the FAQ, as it has lots of important help and advice. :)
  • Start A Story - Use this link to create new threads (it's on the right side of the home page). See the Story Posting FAQ for more info.
  • The Front Desk - Do your first story here, describing your character and their backstory as you have them arrive at the casino. The more effort you put into this, the more tempted people will be to post with you.
  • The Registry - Add a descriptive post about your character, along with your OOC fetishes and limits, so people can get to know you.
  • Jobs Guide - Descriptions of the jobs available at Lacy, with links to their sign-up threads. Other jobs can be roleplayed as well, of course, it's not an exhaustive list. But they are the most common jobs.

For more experienced players, these forum threads may also be useful:

  • Welcoming Committee - This is for people who look after new arrivals and help with their intros, so they can chat and flag up users that need attention. So don't post here if you're new to Lacy - but you can send a Private Message to one of the girls instead, to see if they can help you.
  • The Magazine Office - Here you can discuss anything to do with the Lacy Magazine.
  • Waitress Break Room - This is where the waitresses hang out and relax. So if you need a waitress for a thread, send a message to one or two of the girls here to see if they're available.
  • The Clinic - For girls wanting implants, SRS, HRT, etc.
  • Classic Lacy Archives - Some useful material from the old Lacy site has been republished on the Main site for reference, consisting of Story Guidance & Info, OOC Questions & Answers and Award Winners. Although a lot of it is now out of date, some of it may still prove to be useful and interesting.

The Mall is another roleplaying section in Lacy - it is not for selling real-life goods or services.

You interact with the different stores in the mall just like story threads elsewhere in Lacy. If a store has different threads for different products or services, then you can go into the thread that interests you and reply accordingly. If you have a comment that doesn't apply to a particular product, however, then you can also post a comment in the lobby (the home page) of the store.

You can also send a Private Message to the store owner, or any members of staff they have employed, by clicking their name on the store's home page to visit the relevant profile, where you'll see a message link.

You can also create stores, products and services of your own, of course. Here's how...

The areas you create in the Mall are called Stores (cost = 100 chips), and the threads you create within each store relate to Products or Services (cost = 50 chips each). You earn chips by posting in the Stories area (1 chip per post, up to 10 chips per day).

It's also important to remember that you don't just have to focus on shopping. There are all sorts of possibilities. For instance, you could create:

  • A dress shop, 1 thread per dress (e.g. Blue Sequined Dress, Little Back Dress...)
  • A shoe shop, 1 thread per shopper (e.g. Melissa's New Boots, Glenda's New Heels...)
  • A sex shop, 1 thread per type of item (e.g. Fetish Clothing, Bondage Gear, Toys...)
  • A spa, 1 thread per service (e.g. Sauna, Massage, Mud Bath...)
  • A job agency, 1 thread per job type (e.g. Receptionists, Waitresses, Maids...)
  • A party venue, 1 thread per room (e.g. The Dance Floor, The Bar, The Back Room...)
  • A gaming venue, 1 thread per game (e.g. Roulette, Poker, Slot Machines...)
  • A restaurant, 1 thread per booking (e.g. Melissa's Birthday Party, Glenda's Date...)
  • A set of private quarters, 1 thread per room (e.g. Melissa's Boudoir, Glenda's Garden...)
  • A set of training areas, 1 thread per classroom (e.g. Deportment, Curtseying...)
And so on. These are just a few examples, so don't be afraid to be creative! :)

To see the current list of stores, click The Mall in the tabs at the top of the site. If you’ve created any stores, they’ll be listed under My Stores at the top. Click a store to open it, and you’ll see its description, a list of members, the list of products or services (if any), and a place to leave comments. You can then click a product or service to open it, and add comments to interact with the store owner and other visitors (they work just like other story threads). To return to the store's main page, click its name at the top of the page (under the item title).

Here’s how to create and maintain your own stores:

Creating A StoreIt will cost you 100 Chips to create a store. You earn chips by creating and commenting on threads in the Stories area, but please don’t spam the site just to earn chips.
You can create a store in one of two ways:
  • On the main list of stores, click create a store in the paragraph to the right of the list.
  • If you already have a store, or are a member of someone else’s, you can open the page for your store, click Add an Item or Service to your store, then click Store on the page that appears.
Or, if you’re editing an existing store, just go into your store and click the Edit link at the top.
In any case, you’ll be taken to a form with these options:
  • Title - Give your store a meaningful, interesting name.
  • Logo - This is a small picture to represent the name of the store. The size limit is given below the box - if your picture is too big, the site will try and resize it for you. So click Browse, find and select the image on your computer, and click Upload to save it on the site.
  • Image - This is a larger image e.g. a photo of the shop floor or its main products. The procedure is exactly the same as for the logo.
  • Description - Give a description for your store here. Let people know what the store’s about, just as if you were advertising it in the real world. For help with adding effects to your text (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects, Colors, Images and Videos.
Once you’ve filled in the form, use the Preview option to see how it looks and change it if necessary, then click Save to create the store.
Adding Products & ServicesIt will cost you 50 Chips to add a product or service to your store.  
You can add items to any store you’ve created plus any other stores you’ve been given permission to create items for. Just open the relevant store in the Mall list, and click either:
  • Add an Item or Service to your store, followed by Services and Items on the page that appears
  • Add a Shop or Service, which takes you directly to the page to add an item. Users who have been made members of the store without admin privileges will not see this option.
And to edit an existing item, click its name in your store to open the thread, then click Edit. If you have admin privileges for the store, you can edit anyone’s item. If not, you can only edit ones you’ve created.
In any case, you’ll be taken to a form with these options:
  • Title - Add a meaningful title for your item or service.
  • Groups Audience - This is a list of all stores you can add items to, so tick the relevant one.
  • Image - Here you can post an image to represent your product or service. The size limit is given below the box - if your picture is too big, the site will try and resize it for you. So click Browse, find and select the image on your computer, and click Upload to save it on the site.
  • Body - Use this box to introduce and describe your item. People will see this on the main page of your store, so try to use it to tempt them in. For help with adding effects to your text (including the toolbar above the text box), see the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ on Text Effects, Colors, Images and Videos.
Once you’ve filled in the form, use the Preview option to see how it looks and change it if necessary, then click Save to create the item.
Adding Group MembersYou can add Group members for any store you’ve created plus any other stores you’ve been given administrator access to. Just go to the relevant store and click the Group button at the top. While you’re in this section, you can click your store name at the top of the page at any time to return to its main page.
Click Add People to add a new member, and you’ll be taken to a small form:
  • Username - This is the Player account name, not their Character name. If you type the first few letters and wait for a moment, a list of matching names should pop up, and you can click the one you want.
  • Administrator Member - If you just want the user to be able to add products and services, then don’t tick this. If you tick it, they’ll have full control over your store, so they can edit its name, description, add members, etc. So only enable it for people you trust!
  • Request Message - This will be sent to the user so they know you’ve added them.
Then click the Add Users button and they’ll be added to your shop staff, who are listed on the main page of your store.
Editing Group MembersYou can edit Group members for any store you’ve created plus any other stores you’ve been given administrator access to. Just go to the relevant store and click the Group button at the top, then click People.
You’ll be taken to a page with a list of members at the bottom. For each user, there’s an edit button at the right end of their row - click it to change their admin status or their request message. You can also sort the group list by clicking some of the column headings.
The Operations menu above the user list has more options, and you can update multiple users at once. To select users, just tick the box to the left of each name in the list (or tick the box on the heading row to select all of them). Then, pick an option from the Operations list and click Execute:
  • Modify OG user roles - This allows you to add or remove administrator privileges.
  • Remove from group - This does what it says, and the site will ask you if you’re sure.
  • Modify membership status - This allows you to say if they’re Active (approved), Pending (awaiting approval) or Blocked (not approved).
In each case, you’ll be taken to a page to choose and confirm your settings. Just click Next or Confirm when you’re done.
You’ll also see a State menu above the Operations menu. This is simply another way to determine if users are Active, Pending or Blocked - but you have to type in the user names manually here (separated by commas if there’s more than one). So it’s not as convenient as ticking their names as noted above.
Finally, you’ll see two other options on the Group page, for Permissions and Roles. They’re both [b]read-only[b], so you can’t edit their information. They just indicate what non-members, standard members and administrator members can do.

You can use banner ads to promote stories and shops you’re involved in. They’re shown in the locations you choose in the Stories area (on the Home and Forums Only pages in each case). People then click the ad to visit the link of your choice. If there are multiple adverts running for one location, one will be randomly selected each time the page is loaded. You can only link to pages within Lacy.

It will cost you 25 Chips to post a banner advert for a week. You earn chips by creating and commenting on threads in the Stories area, but please don’t spam the site just to earn chips.

To create an advert, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Create Banner Ad (under Quick Links). You’ll be taken to a form with these options:

Title of the adEnter a title for your advert. This won’t show to other users, they’ll just see the image you add below.
LocationSpecify where you want the advert to appear. It will then appear on that location’s Home page.
Ad ImageBanner ads are generally wide, almost filling the width of the page, and are not very tall. There is a minimum size limit shown below the box - so your image cannot be smaller than that. Your image should include some meaningful text as well, so people know what they’re clicking on.
To add your image, click Browse, find and select the image on your computer, then click Upload to save it on the site. The site may crop and resize it to fit in a suitable space - you’ll be shown a preview as soon as it’s uploaded, so you can click Remove and try another image it doesn’t look right.
Link TitleAdd a title for the link your banner ad will point to - note the character limit shown there.
Link URLThis is the address people will be taken to when they click your ad. To find it, open the page in question (preferably in another tab or window), and look at the address at the top of your browser. The bit you need is after - so the text you enter will start with node/ (e.g. node/1). If you include the bit before ‘node’, it won’t work.
Link TitleAdd a title for the link your banner ad will point to - note the character limit shown there.
When you’ve finished, hit the Preview button to check how your ad will look, and edit things if necessary. Then, when you’re happy, click the Save button and your ad will be added to the relevant location for everyone to see. You can edit the ad at this point by clicking Edit.

Your advert will stay up for 7 days. You'll be reminded a couple of days before it expires, at which point you can extend it for another 7 days if you wish (for another 25 Chips of course).

Note: If you use any ad-blockers on your computer, you may find the banner ads don't show up. Adding the domain as an exception should fix that. It's perfectly safe to do so - LiL is proudly ad-free, so we promise you won't see any annoying adverts or pop-ups as you explore! :)

You can write a diary or blog for each of your characters here in Lacy, which will be displayed on the Diaries tab. This is a good way to write down your character's thoughts and feelings about the things that are happening to them, to keep your storyline organized if you have multiple threads going on, and just write down anything else your character wants to say.

Notice that these diaries are for Characters, not the real-life Players - you can always set up a thread on the Main site if you want to tell us about the real you.

To create a new diary entry, click Diary Entry on the right side of the Lacy Place Home Page, or click Add a Diary Entry on the Diaries page:

  • You must give your entry a Title and select which Character you want to use.
  • You can also add an image if you wish (just click the Browse button to select an image from your computer, then hit Upload to add it to your post).
  • You can also type in a short phrase to represent your character's Current Mood if you wish.
  • Finally, you just need to fill in the Body, which is the main text of your entry. See the Post Formatting FAQ if you want to add special effects to it.
  • Once you're done, click Preview to check it over, and Save to publish it on the site.

To see all your Diary entries in one convenient place, click My account on the right side of the Lacy Place Home Page. Then click View recent blog entries on the page that appears. Similarly, if you go to any other player's profile page, you'll see the same link to view their diary. Furthermore, if you've decided to view a particular diary entry on its own, perhaps via the Diaries tab, you'll also see links to take you to the author's full set of diary entries.

You can leave comments on people's diaries as well if you wish, as you'll see from the text box at the bottom of each entry. It's similar to replying to a story - only in this case you're not interacting with the Character as such, you're just giving an opinion on what they've written. It's like a blog really - if a post makes a point you want to respond to, you can discuss it, and the author of the diary can reply to you if they choose to do so. So please be respectful.

The toolbar below - which you'll see above many text boxes - allows you to add effects to your posts. Simply type your text, highlight it, then press the button for the effect you want:

The buttons have keyboard shortcuts.
Hold Shift+Alt and tap the character
shown in brackets on the right.
From left to right, the buttons are:
Image (M) / Link (L) / Bold (B) / Italic (I) / Underline (U) / Strikeout (S) /
Number List (O) / Bullet List (N) / Heading (H) / Quote (Q) /
Code Format (D) / Teaser Break (T) / Preview (P) / Help (1)

Most of those items are self-explanatory, but be aware of the following points:
  • Images - Images from your computer must be uploaded to the web first. See the images FAQ entry for info.
  • Lists - When adding to lists, make sure each item starts with [*].
  • Code Format - Fixed-width text, usually used to show programming code.
  • Teaser Break - This has no function in your posts, so just ignore it..
  • Preview - Use this to check your formatting, it's often really useful!
However, they aren't the only effects you can use, and some of those above can be customised a little bit.
To see all the possible effects and codes, please read the Posting entries in our Main site FAQ:
Text Effects - The full list of text formatting codes
Colors - A definitive list of color codes
Images - A detailed guide to posting images
Videos - How to add Youtube clips to your posts

Note: If you want to chat live to other users - publicly or privately - don't forget we have a Chat system on our Main site, which is designed for that purpose.

Private Messages (PMs) allow you to communicate with other users, without anyone else seeing your conversations. It's a great way to get to know people, and when you’re roleplaying you should be contacting your playmates regularly, to plan stories and ensure that everyone’s having fun.

There are two important things to note about Lacy Place PMs at this point:

  1. PMs are sent between Players, as they’re considered Out Of Character. You cannot choose a Character for your messages.
  2. Lacy Place PMs are separate to those you have on our Main site. So each area has its own limit on the number of conversations.

To access your messages, go to the Lacy Place Home Page and click Messages (under Private Messages).

To send a new message to another user, you can either:

  • Click the message icon next to any of their character's posts:  

  • Click a Player's Name - NOT their Character's name - to see their profile, where you'll see a Private Message link.

If you want to turn Private Messages in Lacy on or off, go to the Lacy Place Home Page, click My account, and then hit the Edit tab. Here you'll find the Private Messages option - just tick or untick the option as desired, then scroll down a short way and hit the Save button.

Other than that, the Lacy messaging system generally works in exactly the same way as the messages area on the Main site, so please read the Private Messages FAQ there for full instructions. The only big differences are that, here in Lacy, you can Filter Messages by subject or participant (the option's just above the list of messages), and you can add Tags to sort your messages as well.

This post deals with technical issues specific to the Lacy Place. If you have a technical issue that isn’t listed here, or you have an issue related to roleplaying or other users, try checking the posts on Technical Queries and Other Queries in our Main site FAQ. If you still can’t find an answer, try to find an FAQ entry relating to the area you’re having trouble with. And if that doesn’t work, feel free to ask another user or contact the admins for assistance.

How do I register and login? You must register and login at our Main site, there isn't a separate login for Lacy. See the Account Registration FAQ entry for instructions.
I can’t see the navigation tabs!
This mainly affects users of mobile devices. If you cannot see the tabs below the logos at the top of the site (Home, About, Stories, etc), look for a Menu option below the logos instead. Clicking this should reveal the tabs in menu format.
My posts won't save properly!
There is currently a bug - which we're trying to fix - which occurs if you have both the Main site and this Lacy site open at the same time. If you're in the middle of posting on one site, then click over to the other site, and then click back to your post on the first site, it won't save properly. To avoid this, try to stay on one site when typing your post. Or, if you do flick between the sites, select all the text in your post and copy it, before refreshing the page and pasting your text back in before saving.
I can't delete my posts!
If you want a post deleted, please ask an admin. For technical reasons we cannot give regular users the ability to delete their own posts, and we won't delete posts if doing so will destroy a thread for others.
I can’t see any banner ads!
Banner ads appear on the Home and Forums Only pages for each location in the Stories area. If you can’t see any, it might be that there are no active adverts right now. However, we’ve also found that some ad blockers stop the banners from showing. If you’re using such a feature in your browser, you should be able to add us as an exception so that the banners appear again. Be assured that we don’t have any third-party adverts on any of our sites, so you don’t need to use an ad blocker with us.
How do I report a bug I've found?
To report a bug, go to our Bug Reports page on the main site. Please check your bug hasn't been reported already - then, if it isn't in the list, submit your report. Please be descriptive - let us know what you were doing, what you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened, including any error messages. That will really help us to figure out what's causing it.

If you still haven’t found the answer you’re looking for here, try checking our Main site FAQ as well. Even though some of the details relate to the Main site, a lot of it is common to all our sites. In particular, it has information on: