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Finally, after one and a half year on Prison, i came out from there.
Despite was a nice experience (was Adored there!), i prefer to be Free.
Come Back to Lacy, and see that it's needed to make some ORDER.

First of all, from my dearest Friend Nikkij, will Write Down the Sissy Rules.
This will be the Cornerstone of all Sissies at Lacy, who don't follow it, will meet my Rod in her Arse, and, can tell you, isn't a pleasant expirience.

❀╮Amanda's filing cabinet╰❀

Just some stuff for making easier my job as receptionist.
I'm so happy!! i don't need to use my brain to hold all this, i know it's here!!!
Hope i can remember where i've let this Cabinet (i had written it in a piece of paper and keep it in my purse).

Want/need to tell me something? feel free to send me a PM (Private Message).
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On vacations II

Continue from On Vacations ....

My dog look at me

- Hey Amanda, how can you speak with a stone, the wind, the flowers, the birds and the stars?; are you crazy or are you dreaming?

- Maybe i'm both, my dear puppy!
- Want you come back with me as ashes and dust to be landscape?

On vacations

Sitting over a stone,looking at the wonder nature give us, i doze, feel transparent as part of the picture.

The stone spoke to me,
- Hey Amanda, melt with me, come part of me, be rock, be crag, be mountain.
- Soon I'll be back and will do it.

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