ravens diary entry

dear diary I'm here working in the club and restaurant it seems to be barren what's a bunny to do it seems I'm by my lonesome oh well I suppose I will have a drink my that's strong .. diary it seems like its just me tonight my club is a dud .. oh I see a guy he's coming oh he drove off so much for my enthusiasm

Just want to say Hello

Dear Diary,
It's been a long time since I have been to the Lacy place and am sorry for that. If I were to come here more often, perhaps it would not seem so over whelming. I tried to get a job at the Hotel I think, but it didn't last. And the Mall seems like a great place to go. I love buying feminine clothes and wearing them.
Dear Diary, I will try to visit the Lacy Place more often. I will leave you now to explore. xoxo miss lisa

lilith secrets

dear diary its lilith I had my sister brainwashed and hypnotized I got her killed I'm not sorry about it I'm sorry that she failed me she was a disgrace I been lying bad cheating from clientele that I sucked their cocks I found it stimulating

I really should change the name of my store otherwise ill arouse suspicion I do not want that

Reluctant Sissy

My Auntie always said I`d never make much of a Man. When my Grades dipped or I annoyed her, she would Chastise me and dress me as a Girl! She`d invite her Friends over and they would all laugh at how effeminate I looked and ridicule my dwindling masculinity. I tried so hard to be that Boy but nothing I ever did was good enough.


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