These stories are predominantly sex based... reader discretion is advised.

But it was an Accident- A Mother's Revenge

With about two weeks of University under his belt, Davyd was returning home to his dorm after having gone out for a study session and late-night meal with friends. As he was driving down the last bit of highway before his turn off a shadow of a figure suddenly walked into the road. Davyd hit the brakes but couldn’t stop before hitting whoever it was who had stepped into the road. He pulled the car over, got out and saw a young lady lying on the pavement. He immediately call the Authorities from his cellphone. By the time they got there it was too late, the girl was dead.

Behind the closed door (open)

YOU are probably wondering...

Why would any sensible guy subject himself to this?
It was explain to me this would the easiest and quickest way to pay back my debt to the Lacy Place Casino. They assured me no one would know who was behind the Glory Hole cubicle. Only real "girls" suck cock... right? The strangers behind the wall would think some pretty girl was giving them a super sloppy wet BLOW JOB and finish by swallowing a mouth full of their cum.

Why andreea Tiffany loves goddess Sasha

Hello my name is Andrea Tiffany the reason why I love my goddess Sasha is because she help me stay on locked in lace. When I was too afraid she also helps me when I get so scared to thread when I get stage fright she's there for me my beautiful goddess Sasha is there for me when I want to talk about a certain video game. Also when I want to talk about my girls. My sissy girls. My owner goddess Sasha my real owner is there for me when I am stuck

Lilith has been missing work (attn Miss Phoenix)

I don't know what has come over me lately but I have been missing work at Hellfire and know i could be in trouble.

About an hour ago I got a call from Miss Phoenix and she started yelling at me for not being at work for so long. Before i could even try to explain myself she said she would be at my door in 20 minutes. I am not sure what i would have said as i really did not have a reason for not being at work.

My heart races as i wait to hear the knock at the door and almost fall down as i hear her knocking.

The waitress at the Horse Saloon Donna Story.

I the lovely waitress Donna was seated down waiting for a customer when I heard a noise I saw a customer had arrived so I got up and got on my waitress thence curtsy hi my name is Donna I'm the waitress of the Horse Saloon the lower deep bowels of the Horse Saloon how may I serve you today what would you like to eat? He says Donna that was a lovely curtsy it was pretty freaking sweet. Anyways I would like to have some french fries and a hamburger. I say to him of course there I'll go get you your hamburger and your French fries.


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