These stories are predominantly sex based... reader discretion is advised.

Mistress Michelle's room at Starbucks (invite only please)

Mistress Michelle has a special arrangement with a nearby Starbucks to rent a room behind the main restaurant. She has accommodations there for guests, and various other activities. She frequently lets her friends use the facility when she is out of town on "business". The space is much more than it appears at first glance.

Shanika's Green Garden (invite only please)

Shanika has been running a high class whore house for some time now in a secluded area a few miles out of Las Vegas. Bribes are paid, favors exchanged and the authorities leave her alone.

The main house is an old mansion, completely redone on sixty acres of land. No expense has been spared to create a green oasis in the desert. There are several outbuildings in various sizes to accomodate people who need complete privacy.

The next night...

Continued from

The scene is perfect...I look around the bedroom and smile as I say, "No one go away now..."

its almost time for the maid to arrive. This time she'll find the door does not open for her and she will have to ring the bell to get in. I leave the bedroom and walk to the living room, wait for the inevitable knock...

Lady V and Olive start something.

I lead her into my office. "I'm Vivienne..." Not really my name...but I wait for her to introduce herself...

"Well I'm not sure what brings you to my doors, but please have a seat i would love to hear what intrigues you about my little hole in the wall..." Though 'little' nor 'hole in the wall' would accurately describe my clinic... but its still good to play humble...

The Blackmail of Snowden Inc.

The view from my hotel room is fantastic. I can see the entire city of Vegas from where I sit. Tomorrow I will present the casino software upgrade to Winn Casino Company. This would fulfill the multiple million dollar contract I have with the company. If this is successful, I won't have to work another day in my life.

The anxiety always overwhelms me before a deal goes through. To combat this I usually consume alcohol and or masturbate. Today I can't hamper my perception.

Howard comes in looking for a few nights of fun. (Private)

I paid the limo driver with a fifty and a porter came and took my cases. As I followed him into the lobby I smiled, I could already see a beavy of beautiful women. They were most likely heading into the casino, casually dressed, but it was all tight. Sprayed on jeans, little tops with plunging neck lines.

Ahhhh lovely.

I head over to the desk while taking in the sight of one girls butt wiggling in her trousers. I chuckled at the though of them splitting. Wondering what colour panties or what style she had on. Or indeed if.


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