These stories are predominantly sex based... reader discretion is advised.

lilith hiding

I can't believe that my sister kitana was killed I sort of felt guilty I only wanted her to pretend to my me and now she's dead and help me get globules those ear rings were my ticket

I need to watch my back otherwise ill be next

Now I heard of cotton wood and carcer city but unlike my sister I don't have access to those


Now I could sneak to junk yards but those are heavily guarded by Cerberus

As I am weapon less wouldn't be smart idea

Gia and Bridgett's "house".(enter at your own peril.)

After Bridgett seemingly has fallen so much in love with me despite the fact that I have been nothing but wicked mean to her her devotion to me changed my heart and soul and mind about her and so we find a new home here.

Looking much like the old Addams Family abode we look around.

bimbo candace whores herself for strangers

bimbo candace whores her self for strangers

chapter one

after waking

up I stepped into the bathroom where the glass sliding bathtub door awaited me
i saw two bottles of shampoo and conditioner one strawberry and one vanilla peach

i twisted the top squirting it on my hands and rubbing it on my blonde luxurious and radiant hair

i rubbed a bar of soap on my bosoms with a soft driving

i dragged the bar of soap all over my body getting every hole

I washed with cold water which caused me to moan because of my sensitive boobs

Randella's emergency

:Randella stumbles into the clinic and almost passes out as she sets herself into one of the chairs.:

Help me please.......Somethings wrong, I can't feel my cock anymore.

:Pleading for some assistance and then almost faints, as if suffering a loss of blood, which goes along with the very pale coloring of her skin.:

Please, I feel like I'm going to pass out.

:There is a glint of metal through the patially open robe and a distint bulge poking up from under the robe.:


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